The Social Bookmarking Community: How To Get Started

The social bookmarking community is well worth getting involved in if you spend a lot of time online. Whether you are trying to promote a business or just want to stay updated on world news, social bookmarking can be much to your benefit. The web-based service of social bookmarking can be incredibly helpful but is considered by some as only used by amateurs. The main difference is that your links are then stored in the social bookmarking site rather than on your own computer.

This helps to pass news along online because if someone sees your interests in social bookmarking they know whether or not they would be interested in the links you have bookmarked. With social bookmarking you are actually saving your bookmarks to a public website, which makes it different than regular bookmarking to your own computer. Instead of only you being able to view and go to your bookmarked site, with social bookmarking they can be accessed from any other computer and even other users. Before you can get started with this you will need to get signed up with one of the social bookmarking sites.

Reddit, Digg, StumbleUpon and Facebook are just a few of the most popular social bookmarking sites available today. Once you have set up an account and verified your account you can start bookmarking. You will still have access to all your most visited sites but without having to remember them all off the top of your head. Just make sure you have the right login information so you can access your account no matter what computer you are using.

It takes some people a bit of time before they really understand how to use social bookmarking. Be careful when using any of these social bookmarking sites. These sites are choosy with who they keep on and will not allow anyone who is spamming or bookmarking at random. Also keep in mind that there are certain rules enforced by social bookmarking sites that you will have to follow.

Spamming is never allowed because this is just a waste of space in their minds so you will probably get the boot if you do this. Also be careful with providing keywords. You want to be specific and have a purpose for your social bookmarking. Social bookmarking can be extremely helpful and a great thing to get started with if you spend a lot of time online.

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