Convert URL And Keyword To HTML Link

Convert URL And Keyword To HTML Link

This tool is excellent to create bulk HTML links. Using this tool, list of urls and keywords can be converted in to HTML links. This tool can quickly convert multiple url in to one HTML link or into multiple HTML links to display on a web page or embed into article.

How To Use It:

Past list of urls and keywords in the boxes below line by line:

Select " Multiple Urls and Keywords" if want to create one HTML link code for all urls and keywords. And if you want to create HTML links for each Url and keyword then please select " Single Url and Keyword". It will create html link which will contain one website and one keywords.

The output HTML code will appear as link code in the text box at the bottom of the page.

Enter Links/URLs Per Line:

Enter Anchor Text Keyword Per Line:

Select to make DoFollow links Select to make NoFollow links
Multiple Urls and Keywords Single Url and Keyword
Select to open in new window Select to open in same window