Single Sentence Article Rewriter

Single sentence rewriter is another great for content writer, website owner or blogger. This tools helps you to completely change your seed article. This tool can also help to produce one unique article from many different article parts. This tool is free to use for create any many unique articles as you want.

How To Use Single Sentence Rewriter:

Past or import seed article and click start button. Below there will be two text box left and right. On left box all sentences will be visible with cross sign which means sentence is not changed or rewritten. Select one sentence and on right side write its alternative sentence. Keep rewrite all sentences until whole article is changed. In the box below there is complete rewritten unique article which can be used anywhere.

Sentences [{{completed}}/{{total}} rewritten]

  • [{{sentence.alt ? '✓' : '✗'}}] {{sentence.text}}