Spin Urls

Spin Url

Spin url is unique tool that can generate spun syntax for urls and keywords. The tool helps to input spun herf code to emend in article so you can publish unique url and keyword every time. This tool is good for generating spun syntax for long list of ulrs and keyword. Spin url tool can generate hundreds of variation to create a link.

How To Use It:

Spin url works in two ways:

Select first radio button if you have multiple urls and keywords. Enter all urls and keywords line by line. This will generate link which will have multiple urls and keywords as one HTML link. The variation can easily camouflage keywords metrics to avoid over keyword optimization penalty from google.

The other way is to generate html link from every line url and keyword which will have only one url and keyword.

With both type select radio button to open link in new window or same window.

Spun link, unlimited urls and keywords Normal link, one url and one keyword
Select to open in new window Select to open in same window

Output in HTML link of urls and kewyords:

Combined spun code of above textbox all links code in one spun form: