Right now, you've without doubt learned about SENUKE, right?

Well, the inventors over SENUKE have virtually changed the game
again when it comes to automation with SENUKE-X...

Manged to get an evalutaion copy of it yesterday, and I gotta tell you,
that I've never witnessed anything as it.

you could literally schedule things to happen for months and
months at a time. For instance, let's imagine that you just put
up a whole new website and you wish to:

Build 15 web2.0 properties
Bookmark all of those web2.0 properties
Submit all of the RSS Feeds
Submit 10 Press releases
Submit Videos to a few sites
Then bookmark and submit feeds for those above...

You can setup a project to ensure the software does all of those
things Immediately otherwise you can drip feed it on the next
day, week, 14 days, or months...

The way in which this thing works is actually utterly ridiculous..seriously.

Check out the video, and also have a look at what they've done, and
I'm willing to bet that you will be every bit as impressed as I was/am.

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SENUKE-X is definitely the baddest mofo on this planet for building the many
wonderful interlinked parasite sites that link to your money site.
Since you can actually draw your linking structure out first!

The way we do things is the same as the Best practices on Mega Link Blaster....

Exactly what has SENUKE-X allowed us to accomplish?

Well... we scheduled an entire month of April out for multiple niches lol.

That sucker just runs on autopilot from then on. Then as links get created
by SENUKE-X we run them through Mega Link Blaster...

MegaLinkBlaster is an Xrumer application that is extremely easy to use - put in urls and keywords, select dates and get 1500 links a day on autopilot.

We are going to drastically increase our income this year as a consequence of these

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Besides providing you with the cabability to dominate the Googlepages to your niche SEnuke brings a pile of targeted traffic to your website saving you the expense of purchasing ineffective advertising.

SEnuke will dramatically cut down on any time you spend promoting to Web 2 ..0 websites so you can research and conquer new profitable niches. If you happen to be manually using Web 2.0 marketing strategies you are able to improve yourproductivity 10 fold using SEOnuke..
Even though you already outsource these tasks imagine anything youstaff could do and just how far more promotion can be done if only they had SEnuke!

SEnuke will make you re-think your marketing strategies and you will also never check out other marketing products the same way.
Any sort of new and existing product that involves Web 2 ..0 Marketing, traffic generation or affiliate marketing strategies can be Super-Charged by these products with SEnuke.

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