We do link removal service for a lot of site owners that do not have time to do this them selves.

If you u get mails from other site owners that ask you to remove links, let us do the work. It cost you nothing, we charge the site owner that want the link(s) removed a small fee..

All you have to do is:

  • Make a log in to the blogs that we can use - or trust us to use your log in.
  • Make a template mail how to use our service and reply all link removal requests with this mail.

Link Removal Service

Link removal have a small per site fee. First link removal is USD 10 and the following is 5 each.

Fill in the form below.

Link (keywords) to be removed
Complete URL (example: https://thesite/thepost.php) where the link is located.

When all fields are filled, please click "Submit" button to go to payment.

[gravityform id="3" name="Link Removal Request" description="false"]

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