Have you had guest bloggers giving you content in return for a link back?

Or got blog content for free in return for a link back?

That way helping you with content and content supplier with links back and visitors from that link.

Then suddenly Google call those links un-natural and punish site owners where the links point with de indexing or lower ranking.

The same site owners that you helped with a link now fill your mailbox with link removal requests. They do not want to pay you - they want you to work for free and remove the same link they asked for.

You do not have to work for free, you can use your valuable time at your business.

The solution to Link Removal Requests

We do the work for free for you. We charge the site owners a very low fee. Everyone wins.

Just fill the below form with required information:

Then make a template mail that refer requests to us link here       and use this mail to answer all Link Removal Requests.

[gravityform id="5" name="Solution to Link Removal Requests" title="false" description="false"]

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