Upload Bulk Pictures To WordPress Gallery

Bulk Publish WordPress Pictures

Publishing pictures to WordPress in bulk is a superb online tool thatcan help you create a WordPress image gallery fast. It is very easy to upload and add images to your blogs in WordPress, but there isn’t an online tool which allows uploading images in large amounts, until now. Our new bulk tool will upload and arrange your images one after another, so you don’t have to.

By using WordPress themes, your image gallery can display your images in any layout of your choice. Using this tool your images will be displayed as thumbnail pictures which users just click on to see the full-size pictures.

This new way to publish your photos is great for photographers who want to add their images fast and in bulk.


You can post successfully to your self hosted Wordpress blog, your hosting has to accept something called XML-RPC connections.Our submitter uses XML-RPC connections to your blog in order to be able to post articles and images for you.

It may also need to have our IP Address: "whitelisted". Additionally, if you use Cloudflare or the Jetpack plugin, you will have to whitelist the same IP as well from within their respective settings pages. Some security plugin might also need to white list IP. If your server uses ModSec, your host would have to whitelist our IP as well in the appropriate ModSec rule.

If you're not sure about your hosting setup, please give this entire message to your hosting support and ask them to ensure that your site settings are correct for this. It's best to do that before you add a blog here.

How to publish your pictures to WordPress in bulk:

  1. First choose the pictures you wish to upload by pressing "Choose files". Select the images you wish to upload, and then press "open
  2. Next press the"Import Pictures" button. If your pictures are not uploaded first then the publishing tool will not work.
  3. All the names of the uploaded images will appear in the first textbox.
  4. In the second text box please add title text for each image, so each picture gets a unique title. Use a different line for each image, and make sure each title is opposite the image you wish it to go with. Titles can be in spintax format.
  5. In the third text box please add description text for each image, description can be in spintax so each picture gets a unique description.
  6. Then in the fourth box add alt-tags separated by a comma for each description, alt-tags can be in spintax.
  7. In the fifth box enter one category which exists in your blog otherwise the post will go into the Uncategorized category.
  8. Then in the sixth section, select the date range in which to publish your pictures. It is important to add both dates, if you wish to publish everything on the same day then add the same date on both boxes.
  9. The last section, add the domain URLs you wish to publish to,plus the login details line by line in this format URL|Username|Password.Or, you can directly upload the URL details from a text file by using the import url button.
  10. Finally, click the publish button, and in the box below you will get the permalink for the published pictures.

Enter Destination URL for Pictures: (Spintax can be used.)

Enter Picture Description Here: (Spintax can be used.)

Alt Tags (Comma seprated. Spintax can be used.): Enter Category (Only One Category):

Select Date Range From: To:

Enter Url's and Login Details or Import From File. (Use this pattern http://domain.com|username|password)

Permalink Result: