Short version: Affiliates, stay away from Redbet so this do not happen to you. Years of hard work stolen using predadive TOS

Details follow;

Affiliate program is a great way to get income from your sites. Best of all is life time commissions from subscriptions or similar.

One of those life time commissions is in Betting and Casino.

I have done work for the bookmaker Redbet for many years, resulting in thousands of pages and approx 150 sites, banners shown for years rotaded with phpAddNew banner server. I even put my name behind recomendations of Redbet.
Because I have hired staff this have cost a lot - but that is ok for life time commissions. The beauty of affiliating is that pages and posts made continue to do their work for years to come.

This have resulted in a huge amount of customers for Redbet. In the beginning there was little or no commission but after some year it has taken off.

Last 8 withdrawals of commission:


I use to withdraw commission each month and all those years with hard work now pay of  very well. That is not all, 135 new sites are close to finished and marketing for old sites and new just get tripled.

Those sums will double within a year, then expand more - and last for the comming 10 years.

Then suddenly:

Redbet closed my account screen capture

I could not log into my account. Then I get a mail telling that I have broken their TOS because there was a link to my affiliate re direct at a bad place (there was a link but not mine). Mail was extremely rude and I was accused of being a criminal.
Contact taken with affiliate manager did not helped.

I realized that all my expensive affiliate work was stolen and so was all my income for at least 10 years to come.

I posted the above screen shot at 2 of my sites and told Redbet that they have made a false accusation and that I will claim to Malta Gaming Board and file to police. And with an affilites tools make their behavior public.

Then Redbet opened my account and the last thing that happen was that I got a mail stating:

Regarding our TOS we can cancel a partnership with 6 months notice even if the partner have not broken any TOS - so we do that. You will get paid for 6 months more, then you account will be closed.

So now I have been told I have not broken any TOS but they will anyway steal my assets.

Probably I only did a to good work - it is very profitable for Redbet to kick me out.

I will fight them because the next 10 years commission was supposed to be a very huge amount.

So if you want to do affiliating in poker, casino or betting - my advice is: Do not promote Redbet - they can kick you out without any reason using their predatory affiliate agreement.


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