Reasons why Article Marketing Works

A situation many newbies in online business find themselves in is having a great website and a good product but no customers. This is a problem that a lot of newbies in online business face and you must ask yourself how can they come to you if the don't know about you. The obvious answer is to market you website but dong this, you think, involves spending money you don't have on advertising and so on. Wrong - article marketing is free (if you can do it yourself) and is one of the most effective marketing tools available to you.

Forget all the marketing theory you have come across - marketing is simply the action of creating interest in your products (and your business) and article marketing is a great way to do this. To understand article marketing just do a search for a product the way any person looking for information would - you will find a lot of results that are articles about the product.

Go through these articles and you will find that by and large, they provide readers with information about the products in which they are interested in a manner that makes them feel they have gained knowledge about it and are better equipped to make a buying decision. If the article contains hard sell of the product it is nothing more than an ad and the reader will rate it accordingly, but with an informative article he will feel he is getting real value and give it far more attention.

This is article marketing and is what you need to do - give readers value and increase their interest. Of course you need to promote your business interest so you can put in a few words about the fact that you can supply the product. An alternative, if the ezine or website permits, is to put in a few lines about the author (you) and give your contact details so those who want to know more can contact you. Do this for a few weeks and soon enough there will be people who remember you for the information you have given them and your association with the product. Who do you think they will contact when they decide to but - you, of course.

There are a large number of ezines and site you can post your articles on, some free and some of which you will have to pay for: but the important thing to always remember is that your competition will be doing the same thing so the quality of what you offer will determine how successful your article marketing efforts are.

Power of Article Marketing - Effortless Method to Drive Traffic

Article marketing is most opted method to attract more traffic to the target website and today this has become a great need for every web marketing company. To really know the power of article marketing, then a person has to first write a powerful article and it should be properly written with wealthy information for readers. The content should tempt the readers to read and attract more visitors to visit the author's website. Normally, articles should contain three main parts: introduction, body, conclusion and an article should make every aspect be very interesting.

At first, a person should write an article according to their skill and interests, and also with respect to their website that needs promotion. This would surely assist a person in writing articles quicker and one can write more frequently as one wouldn't require extra time to write and also for familiar topic, little or no research is needed. It is good to collect a list of topics, before starting any article, as this would help in recollecting the thoughts to write quicker on the topic. The introduction part of the article should be interesting and precise to give a quick look about what the article is going to deal with.

The second important part is the body in the article, and it should have all the required information. The conclusion part of an article should be the final part, and it should contain simple summarization of the article in just few sentences. At the very end of each article, a person should add a author resource box that should contain author's name, back link, profile, and email id for contacting. The power of article marketing is well understood by publishing the article to article directory websites to earn recognition as a writer, expert, and to increase many loyal readers.

Today, article marketing is considered as the best method to drive more traffic without spending a penny. While publishing articles for the first time, an individual requires to cross check all the fields to avoid any errors and carefully fill out all the needed information. By publishing the articles in the article directories, a person will get a back link to their websites, where a person will acquire double exposure. Also, a person can bookmark their entire submitted article in any social networking sites to gain more readers to their website. It is important to understand that article marketing is a long term investment and a person can expect a big success through this.

Methods Of The Article Marketing Experts

When you sit down at your computer to write an article, do you spend more time contemplating the angle you will take and mapping it out in your head before you actually put one word on the screen? If all article marketing experts agree - the likelihood of them all being wrong is highly UN likely. The basic fundamentals of writing for the web teach you to enrich your articles with keywords that readers would most often search in regards to the topic, which is different from writing for newspapers or magazines. Article marketing experts are removing the myths and teaching you how to write high quality articles in a shorter amount of time, yet in higher volume, to produce growth in your income all while simply utilizing their strategies.

These experts are now selling their proven methods in e-courses and e-books, breaking it down for you step by step and giving you all their secrets for a price. Article writing can be a very lucrative freelance career once you have learned how to make the most of your time. Why are they now recognized as the experts in marketing articles is clear- they figured it out before we did- and they are capitalizing on it, by selling us the method, without the mistakes.

Thanks to these article marketing experts, they are selling you the step by step instructions, complete with templates, that break down their methods of how they consistently are ranked in the top five search results in every search engine across the World Wide Web. Starting with keywords, adding in personality in a conversational like form of writing, you are inviting and engaging the reader to sit down and listen to an expert explain their topic of choice. You in turn are reducing your writing time from eight hours down to thirty minutes per article and now you can write four articles per day versus one per eight hour period. You're making more money on four articles per day than you would make on just one.

Simple steps to follow using the templates they provide should enable you to at least double if not triple your income just by implementing what you learned from the experts. They are teaching you to write keyword rich articles with simple, yet straightforward titles that are easily picked up in search engines. By utilizing the proven methods of article marketing experts you will be able to literally watch what you write climb the search engines. Many people will be skeptical as to whether or not the methods work and I have to say that I am coming to the close, within twenty five minutes: with above four hundred words, so you decide.

Learn Article Marketing Strategies to get Articles Indexed

Article marketing is the correct idea for website promotion that has been in use since the popularity of Internet marketing. Article marketing is the great way to attract more visitors to the website and raise the search engine ranking of a website. When article marketing is performed properly, every article an individual writes gets large number of readers to their websites. Read on to learn excellent steps to explode various article marketing campaigns to drive traffic.

The first important step is an individual should write a good informative article of 350 to 500 words with valuable information for readers. It is highly important for an individual to develop some respect and trust among their followers with their article, so that they would visit again and again, and much more responsive for the writer's article. It is important to make a good author resource box that helps in attracting traffic to the author's website with the principle keyword correctly added in the article. After this procedure, one has to submit the article to any good article publishing site, and after approval, bookmark the published article in social networking sites to drive more readers.

It is always better to submit distinct version of articles to every possible article submitting directories, and plagiarism content should be properly checked and avoided. In the distinctly written content, use link back to the personal site in the target keywords suitably used in the article. Now there are also numerous blogs that requires unique content to get published, article publishers can make use of this and submit as many articles to drive in more visitors. A good article marketing strategy normally needs writing at least two articles a week or about eight contents a month to engage the loyal visitors well informed with informative content.

One important aspect for article marketing strategy is writing more solution-oriented content to turn the overall marketing business into a big success. Problem solving article is the important and fundamental component to pull in more traffic and to make use of this marketing strategy is to first decide upon the target audience. Good campaign is needed to place the articles to win some recognition by the search engines and also it is equally necessary to attract more new readers. Another point is one should know where to distribute and how to distribute the articles for effective article marketing strategy. In this modern Internet period, article marketing is widely recognized method to profit a unique place in business and therefore, it is very important to understand the strategies.

How To Implement An Article Marketing Campaign

An article marketing campaign is a great way to boost your sales, provided you go about it in the right way. A lot of people think that just churning out articles about your product is enough to get you the attention your business needs, but this will not produce the kind of results you want. Article marketing is a very powerful business tool is done in a business like manner. The first thing you need to do is analyze your writing skills - do you have the ability to write in a cogent manner that will attract reader interest? If you have reasonable writing skills, you can do our own writing, but if not its better to pay a professional writer to do it for you since a badly written article will imply that the product it is talking about is of the same quality.

Irrespective of if you write yourself or hire someone to do it for you, you need to have a stock of articles ready in advance -writing in a rush at the last minute often leads to errors and sub standard writing. Decide on how you will focus your articles and stick to that because posting articles on different aspects of the product at random will never have the kind of impact and reader retention you are looking for.

After knowing your focus you need to spend time researching the market perception to that issue or product aspect so that your articles can either counter any negative impressions or bolster positive ones. Because you are focusing your article marketing campaign on one aspect of your product at a time, you need to ensure that your articles follow a logical sequence so that the overall impression created is one where the reader feels he has gained something by reading them.

A good way of getting this result is by looking for common question that are asked about the product and answering them in a way that emphasizes product value. However, do not go in for hard sell - article marketing is aimed at evoking reader interest and pushing too hard will make the article seems like a sales spiel. Remember that this is an article marketing campaign and not a selling one - your aim is to get the reader interested, not to try and push him into buying at the get go. You can put in a simple reference to the fact that you sell the product or a few lines about yourself as the writer and your contact details so that people who are interested can contact you.

Your first few articles may not produce dramatic results so be patient, but if interest in your product does not increase after a couple of weeks you should change the focus of your article marketing campaign.

Choosing Keyword Winners to Make Money with Article Marketing

Making money with article marketing is very easy. This is because of the many advantages of online advertising such as the low cost, the fact that content of the ad can be changed any time, and the large audience. Article marketing is all about writing articles to explain about what you are selling and to advertise the same so that people can follow the link provided to go to your landing page.

You will therefore be able to make more sales. One way of guaranteeing that your article is search engine optimized is having good content because the more people view it, the higher it will be ranked. However, the best way to optimize your article for search engine ranking is to have the right keyword in the title and the content. It is therefore important that you know what causes article rejection to avoid wasting a lot of time and energy rewriting.

Articles that are not unique will not be accepted by article directories. Directories have software that check the uniqueness of the articles and these software are so good that they even indicate the source of the content. You should note that copying someone's work is not only wrong, it is illegal and it might land you into trouble. When writing your work using a reference, you must give credit to the original writer within your content. If you want to write original work and you have researched elsewhere, use plagiarism detection software - some of these are free of charge.

You can make money with article marketing by getting topics from popular article directories such as This means you must avoid jargon since this can drive away potential clients and you must be modest. To get a feel of what the market wants, do research by asking for comments from family, friends, and your readers if you are already published.

You should know the industry well because it is cutthroat and getting search engine optimized means competing with products that are better than yours and writers that are better than you are. They include the language to be used, the formatting to be used, and the number of paragraphs in the article. The tools will indicate to you the number of times the phrase has been searched during the period you specify. If you have a writer's block and you are a regular writer, ask those who have seen your work before to give comments. Having a niche means you will not be competing with many people. Another great source of topics is the news and the advantages of this source are that it is free, it is current, and the news stories are already thoroughly researched.

Build Your Readership Through Free Article Marketing

Time and creativity are really all you need to market your articles and to build your readership. Not to mention, you will not have to spend a fortune if you invest your time in free article marketing strategies that have been proven to work. Researching ways to promote your articles without breaking the bank will only serve to benefit you in the long run. Spend a little time investing in these proven methods and your readership is sure to increase.

Consider how many people are utilizing social networking to keep up to date on sports teams, celebrities and their favorite actors and authors! Promotion is the key to recognition and gaining readers through free article marketing strategies. Creating a Facebook fan page is a really great way to reach the millions, if not billions of users that are logging in and following all their favorite sports hero's: it's time to reach out them. With the creation of Twitter, people are “tweeting” about their pet's, celebrity's are gaining followers and now its time for you to do a little bit of shameless self-promotion of your own!

Article submission sites allow you to put your written content right before the readers eyes with no more effort than signing up for an account and submitting your articles: it really is that easy. With the click of the submit button you have just put your articles in front of nine million readers on StumbleUpon. Having guests post on your blog opens up another whole venue of readers because the guest will market to their friends and acquaintances while you are doing some free article marketing to your friends as well as your friend's friends.

You should also be diligent in monitoring where your articles or blog are showing up in search engine results This will let help you to optimize your content, and let you know if you need to add new keywords to bring you higher in the search results. Using the practice of linking can work really well for you by offering a link for a link on sites and writer's pages. Creativity is the key to success in finding ways to market your articles for free and with a little bit of time well spent researching social networking, article submission websites or creating that Facebook fan page, you are on your way to gaining more potential readers than you may think.

Article Marketing Software Enables Competitiveness

While searching the internet for ways to marketing articles mixed in the search results are websites and advertisements for article marketing software. It's all about churning out as many original articles as you can in the shortest amount of time. Let's be honest, with what you get paid by some companies to write articles you will not be able to quit your day job unless you can write not only quality but quantity.

Time is valuable and seeking new ways to increase your productivity applies to every aspect of your daily life, both at work and at home. The quickest way to build a reputation as an online expert would be to flood the internet with thought provoking content, that screams of intelligence and engages the reader in a conversational style, to hold their attention long enough to read anywhere from three hundred fifty words to upwards of a thousand words, without leaving them thinking, “I am glad that is over!”

If a company has the means, they can hire a staff of writers to do nothing other than constantly write articles about the company, its services and build on its reputation by publishing customer reviews, but that would be very costly. There appears to be more benefits to using article marketing software: in so much as it also can search the web to verify that the final, written product is not plagiarized in any way.

From the aspect of the writer, being able to verify that the article you are submitting is yours in its entirety is as valuable as the article marketing software. Imagine being able to not only write your articles, but to also have the ability to verify originality in one click, from within the same window that you authored the article. This appears to be a more efficient use of time and a great show of responsibility on the part of the writer to guarantee that the article is one hundred percent original. In addition, this will enable writers to produce higher quality content: which will only give a hand to better rankings in the search engines for the sites in which the articles are located.

Aside from the advantages for the website, the use of the article marketing software will also assist writers in producing even more content, which will increase revenue for the companies that hire them. Article writing is a multipurpose relationship between the company hiring the article writers and the clients that are purchasing the final product: it translates to more money in everyones pocket at the end of the day!

Anyone Can Learn Article Marketing

The key to online business success is article marketing and if you learn it, you have a great and cost effective marketing tool at your disposal. You don't need great writing skills to do this - all you need is a good command of the language, a thorough understanding of the product or service you are marketing and a business like approach to the writing process. Your starting point to learning article marketing is to have a detailed knowledge of what you are marketing - this is not as easy as some people think. Know the product or service specs, use it yourself to understand it better, see what competitors are offering, read and evaluate complaints and visit discussion groups to see what people are saying about it.

Once you know your product and where you stand in the market, you will have to start developing a list of product related topics to write about - topics that either address market concerns or provide users with information about it. The best approach to this is to focus on the advantages your product or service offers users as well as countering any negative impressions that the market may have about it. Your articles need to be search engine optimized but at the same time, they should not be directly selling what you have to offer - the basis of article marketing is indirectly selling by providing information that evokes the interest of potential customers. Work on the list till you have around 25 plus topics to write about.

This may seem a lot but in reality it is not enough as article marketing is all about keeping a constant flow of new articles in circulation so that readers are regularly fed something new and your search engines rankings stay high. You can turn your 25 plus topics into a large number of articles by writing about each topic from a different angle so that while the topic may be the same, the reader is given a new approach to it - finding 5 different way of writing about each topic is not hard. You will now have over a hundred articles and if you schedule posting two or three a day you have a stock of articles that will keep you going for around two months.

You can save a lot of time and effort by creating a template for your articles so that each time you get down to writing, your article format is ready for you. The template should be simple and define the size of the articles, the structure and how much space will be devoted to the introduction, the main content and the conclusion.

There is much more to learn about article marketing, but these initial steps are enough to get you started and your skills will increase as you gain experience.

Why Article Marketing is the Best Type of Online Marketing

You have sweated blood on our website and you have a great product to sell, but customers are in short supply. This is a problem that a lot of newbies in online business face and you must ask yourself how can they come to you if the don't know about you. The answer is in marketing your business, your website and your product or service but this costs money you don't have, right? But you would be wrong - one of the most effective online marketing tools is article marketing and it doesn't cost you anything.

Marketing is basically creating an interest in what you have to offer and, indirectly, a desire to buy it: and article marketing does this by posting articles about the product or service you offer online. Do an online search for any product or service (this is how most people try to find things they need) and you will find articles about them high in the search results.

You will find that most of these articles offer information about a product or service in a way that makes the reader feel he is getting the kind of information he needs to make an informed buying decision. If there is a lot of direct selling in the article the reader will think of it a merely an advertisement and will relegate it to the “spam box” in their minds that most ads go, but if he feels he has learned something from it, it will stay in his mind.

This is article marketing and is what you need to do - give readers value and increase their interest. You are not doing this for charity so you need to get your return from the article and you can do this with a simple mention that you are selling this and people can contact you if they are interested - nothing more or it will become an ad. Or, if the article format permits, you could put in a few lines about yourself and your contact details and invite people who want to know more (potential customers) to contact you for more information. Keep putting out new articles and people will begin to remember you and the useful information you have given them. This will keep you in the forefront of their minds when they make their buying decisions.

There are any number of ezines and website that will be happy to post your articles but remember that your competitors will be doing this too so the quality of what you write is crucial to your success.