Why Article Marketing is the Best Type of Online Marketing

You have sweated blood on our website and you have a great product to sell, but customers are in short supply. This is a problem that a lot of newbies in online business face and you must ask yourself how can they come to you if the don't know about you. The answer is in marketing your business, your website and your product or service but this costs money you don't have, right? But you would be wrong - one of the most effective online marketing tools is article marketing and it doesn't cost you anything.

Marketing is basically creating an interest in what you have to offer and, indirectly, a desire to buy it: and article marketing does this by posting articles about the product or service you offer online. Do an online search for any product or service (this is how most people try to find things they need) and you will find articles about them high in the search results.

You will find that most of these articles offer information about a product or service in a way that makes the reader feel he is getting the kind of information he needs to make an informed buying decision. If there is a lot of direct selling in the article the reader will think of it a merely an advertisement and will relegate it to the “spam box” in their minds that most ads go, but if he feels he has learned something from it, it will stay in his mind.

This is article marketing and is what you need to do - give readers value and increase their interest. You are not doing this for charity so you need to get your return from the article and you can do this with a simple mention that you are selling this and people can contact you if they are interested - nothing more or it will become an ad. Or, if the article format permits, you could put in a few lines about yourself and your contact details and invite people who want to know more (potential customers) to contact you for more information. Keep putting out new articles and people will begin to remember you and the useful information you have given them. This will keep you in the forefront of their minds when they make their buying decisions.

There are any number of ezines and website that will be happy to post your articles but remember that your competitors will be doing this too so the quality of what you write is crucial to your success.

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