Build Your Readership Through Free Article Marketing

Time and creativity are really all you need to market your articles and to build your readership. Not to mention, you will not have to spend a fortune if you invest your time in free article marketing strategies that have been proven to work. Researching ways to promote your articles without breaking the bank will only serve to benefit you in the long run. Spend a little time investing in these proven methods and your readership is sure to increase.

Consider how many people are utilizing social networking to keep up to date on sports teams, celebrities and their favorite actors and authors! Promotion is the key to recognition and gaining readers through free article marketing strategies. Creating a Facebook fan page is a really great way to reach the millions, if not billions of users that are logging in and following all their favorite sports hero's: it's time to reach out them. With the creation of Twitter, people are “tweeting” about their pet's, celebrity's are gaining followers and now its time for you to do a little bit of shameless self-promotion of your own!

Article submission sites allow you to put your written content right before the readers eyes with no more effort than signing up for an account and submitting your articles: it really is that easy. With the click of the submit button you have just put your articles in front of nine million readers on StumbleUpon. Having guests post on your blog opens up another whole venue of readers because the guest will market to their friends and acquaintances while you are doing some free article marketing to your friends as well as your friend's friends.

You should also be diligent in monitoring where your articles or blog are showing up in search engine results This will let help you to optimize your content, and let you know if you need to add new keywords to bring you higher in the search results. Using the practice of linking can work really well for you by offering a link for a link on sites and writer's pages. Creativity is the key to success in finding ways to market your articles for free and with a little bit of time well spent researching social networking, article submission websites or creating that Facebook fan page, you are on your way to gaining more potential readers than you may think.

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