How the Library Files Its Books

The term “library filing system” before connotes the Dewey Decimal System. The other forms of library filing system are the alpha numeric filing system or other filing systems are provided by a software organizer.

The Dewey Decimal System is a proprietary system of library classification. It classifies books into various classes. Each class has different categories with different subdivisions. The ten classifications are (a) computer science, information and general works, (b) philosophy and psychology, (c) religion, (d) social sciences, (e) language, (f) science, (g) technology/applied sciences, (h) arts and recreation, (i) literature, (j) history, geography and biography.

Alphanumerical filing is another library filing system, an option for organizing records, books, and reference materials and similar to other filing methods, it is a systematic method for access and retrieval of records. This filing system is comprised of alphabetical and numerical filing.

Another important tool in the library filing system is library software. This permits the school to have a clear organization and as a result, students have more access to books where they are interested in. Library software will help the library filing system as it catalogs the current books the library has. It can also list down what are the latest readings assigned by the professor and it can determine if the library has ample stock of that particular literature. The library organizer can track missing books by identifying the borrower, the amount overdue and they can ask the person to pay it’s fine or replace the book all together. The other uses of Library Organizer is one can be updated by the latest publications and can add them in their “wish list” that donors can access.

It is actually a device that tracks the books for the school and interested students.

Not only the school or the students, but everyone in particular benefits from this software. This software would give information to donors, students and schools about the current inventory and state of books the library possess. Though computers and technology is opening a lot of portals for learning, reading books is where it all begins.

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