Do you know there are more than a billion and a half users who log in to YouTube every week? You will be even more surprised to know that YouTube plays over a billion hours of video every day all over the world. It is expected to have an income of more than $27 billion by the end of 2020. But why do you need to know these figures? That’s because it is a platform where you can make money by uploading professional-quality videos.

Inexpensive and easy

Most people will shy away from making a video by saying that they don’t have professional knowledge, and the video-editing software applications are too expensive. That’s where IVW-videomaker is different. It is an inexpensive and easy-to-use software that helps you create high-quality videos without the need to have experience in video editing. It allows you to create some of the best videos in merely sixty seconds. All you need to do is select an article from the database or copy paste one into the wizard. Then, it hardly takes a few seconds to prepare the video. Select a few designs to confirm how the video will look, and that’s all. The slides button will generate the video, and the videomaker will start building it for you.

What works well in marketing is short videos, 5-6 sentences text where the last one is a call to action. You can also use product instructions. Fast to write and software does the rest, even add speaker voice.

Videos can automatically be made in mass where every video is unique.

Short How to videos, one for each step, get visitors come back again and again. This can be any manual or instructions, like starting a smart-tv och brewing beer.

The software narrates the video according to the slides by text to speech technology. It finds related images that match the content of the article from an in-built database with close to half a million pictures. Once it generates the video, you will notice how the software puts together all the slides to make a visually appealing video. It also highlights the important phrases and keywords mentioned in the text. You will be amazed to see how the software creates a professional-quality video in just under sixty seconds.

Improve the appearance of the videos

Apart from building the video, you can also choose to make it more appealing by selecting from dozens of pre-built themes. It radically changes the appearance of the video with only a few clicks. The royalty-free images and video clips that this software has are more than enough to develop any kind of video. If you want to give your video a professional touch and want to earn thousands by uploading it into YouTube, IVW-videomaker will never disappoint you.

Imagine the number of videos you can make when there are millions of video clips and images at your fingertips. Moreover, you have options to change the fonts and alignment of texts on each slide. You can edit every slide even after the software generates the video.

Why IVW-videomaker is essential

The fact that even non-experienced video makers can use this software is what gives it an edge over other similar apps. IVW-videomaker puts together the content and images together to create an appealing video that can help you earn a lot from video-streaming websites. A few more reasons why people love this software are:

• Lots of views in minutes

Using the IVW-videomaker assures not only high-quality video production but also traffic within a few minutes. When you upload a video on YouTube, you want more and more people to watch it, right? The IVW-videomaker allows users to upload the video in a minute and also make sure that you schedule all your live events so that it becomes comparatively easier to rank in the top 10 in YouTube and Google.

• Videos that suit multiple platforms

One of the primary objectives of the IVW-videomaker is to attract more traffic. So, uploading videos on YouTube only may not be appropriate if you want a wider audience. You will need to extend your reach to several other platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, and many more. The software allows you to choose from three different video formats: square, landscape, and the one with a Facebook header on it.

• Built-in templates

Considering that you don’t have any knowledge or experience in making videos, the software allows you to use dozens of free built-in templates to make your video look better. Themes and templates are the essential ingredients that not only make the videos look visually appealing but also ensure that you don’t stick to only a few icons and fonts for all the videos. The plethora of options is almost tailor-made for the wide range of videos that users may develop.

• Convert audio into video files

Do you have an interesting audio file that you want to make a video of? IVW-videomaker will help you cut the audio file into several segments using the slicer. Once you are happy with the audio parts, you can click on Generate Video to convert them into slides. Many people like to do their own voiceovers for such videos. You can also do that. Instead of using the text to speech engine of the software, add your voice using the slide audio recorder. It is also possible to position the voiceovers according to different slides. If you want audio segments for a few slides and voiceovers for others, you will have to use the audio recorder accordingly.

• Customizable watermark

Most people like to add a customized watermark that mentions where the video originated from. The IVW-videomaker allows users to add a fully customizable watermark by uploading your image or a logo of your brand. It is always wise to add a piece of melodious background music to improve the feel of the video. Apart from the templates and themes, you can also add background tune by using the audio recorder. If you can’t think of a perfect tune for the video, surf through the massive catalog of built-in tracks from IVW-videomaker to add to the video. Search them using specific keywords or genres.


IVW-videomaker is an incredible software application helping people to gain popularity in YouTube by producing high-quality videos. You don’t have to be experienced to use this software, and that’s the reason why everyone loves it.

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