Truth About Paid Surveys

Many people these days are looking for easy options to make some extra money, and easily fall prey to some of the most common Internet frauds due to their negligence and ignorance. There are several paid survey sites that promise great money for easy job, however, if the site sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Though most people feel that the paid surveys are scams, however, there are few paid survey panels that are legitimate, can be joined for free and pay to the members. Many people have gone online to search for paid survey sites, signed up for several sites without doing the background check, and even after months of hard work, have not received even a single payment.

However, while surfing the net, there are certain things that you should be careful about paid survey companies, and one such thing is the documented proof. There are many companies that advertise in local newspapers or over Internet regarding paid surveys, and claim that members can earn as much as $200 per day. In the present economic scenario, these claims can sound very enticing, however, very few people know and understand how these surveys actually work. One thing to keep in mind is that companies asking for one time registration fee for administration purposes usually sound very sincere and offer many testimonials from satisfied customers, but generally are scams.

Most survey sites contain terms and conditions, disclaimers and testimonial, so take time to go through the entire information, especially fine print at the bottom, which is usually in contradiction to the other claims made by the company. Additionally, the websites mentioned are either non-existent or are irrelevant. However, in many cases, the list provided contains irrelevant or non-existent sites. Most survey companies claim that you can earn income equivalent to full-time job by just filling out the forms and surveys online, however, keep in mind that it is impossible to earn such income.

Unprofessional website is another indication of the paid survey scams, and you can find poor grammar, misspelled words, weird character symbols, broken hyperlinks, lack of contact information and poor website location. If you want to be a part of these paid surveys, be very careful while reading the fine print at the bottom, as most probably, this will be in contradiction to much of what the company has been promising. Hence do your research first, and join some paid survey forums where you can ask questions and learn from experience shared by other people.

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