Technical Resume Writing Basics

Resume writing is an essential task for most individuals in the world. Firstly, most people are employed or is seeking employment as not everyone is capable of having a business. However, resume writing has a more special niche known as technical resume writing. Most of the time technical resume writing is carried out by people who have specialized skills in technical areas like information technology. Actually, the number of IT professionals has been continually growing. Therefore, IT graduates need great tips in technical resume writing to give them advantage in a highly-competitive field. Read on and get ahead in your industry:

Present your technical skills in a structured manner. You may be a genius programmer or financial wizard but it doesn’t matter if you have poor technical writing skills. Enumerate all your special skills with your strengths emphasized in the list. If you are a walking Linux programmer then emphasize that and state all tasks, knowledge and programs associated with it.

Put your educational background including the trainings that are applicable to the job that you are applying for. It is essential that employers become aware of your educational background to show to them that you are suitable for the job. As much as possible, do not list down the experience in chronological order but rather list them according to the relevance to the job you’re applying for.

List down in measurable terms your achievements. This is another helpful advice in technical resume writing. At every chance you get, quantify things by stating them into figures. If you have been able to contribute in reducing costs in your department by 25%, then list that down. If you are a capable programmer, add the number of codes you have written or debugged, including the time it took for you to accomplish a hard project. Keep in mind that employers crunch the numbers and like to know how efficient or productive an employee could be.

Last but not the least, make certain that you review your resume for errors which serves as the finishing touch in technical resume writing. A perfect resume without grammatical errors can help you get the job you aspire.

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