Basic Filing System Tips

Having an effective filing system helps a lot in organizing paper works or documentations. This will save you a lot of time and effort when you are trying to access and locate the things you are looking for. But how will you do it? Don’t know where to start? Here are a few of simple filing system tips then you should be up and about in no time.

Start Fresh. Initiate by completely emptying filing cabinets, boxes, and box systems. You can also sort out your files according to categories when removing it from cabinets. On each and every hanging file folders place a number to identify it.

The next filing system tip is to shred and recycle if possible. When emptying your file cabinets or boxes, more often than not, you will encounter useless files. The first question that will pop into your mind is “do these documents need to be filed?” if your answer is no then throw it in the shredder. If in case you are not sure whether to throw it away or not, you can check if it falls under the following category: advertisements from other companies, information letters, food delivery menu and unwanted personal files. Chances are, documents that you do not need for present and future purposes are also being filed. There’s no requirement to file paper copies of invoices or letters that have electronic files.

Color coordination is another filing system tip. Let you creative juices flow when making labels. However, we suggest that sticking with a single color coordination for every filing folder.

Last but not the least among the filing system tips, enable your labels. Putting only letters on your labels will become really confusing, so make sure that you write complete words or phrases. Guarantee that the labels will be seen easily; place it in a prominent viewing area like the top right side of your folder. It will help in locating your folder without any effort.

Do not forget that you have to properly place new files properly as soon as you’re done with your document organization by following these filing system tips.

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