Mobile Search Marketing

Mobile search marketing is an important aspect of mobile marketing. The term refers to the use of various search engine optimization and search engine marketing methods on mobile search engine sites to promote the search result ranking and the visibility of a mobile website. Mobile web is a relatively new field and therefore mobile search engine themselves are not as developed as their traditional website counterparts. This makes mobile SEO and SEM quite challenging. However, this should not be a reason to stop you from taking advantage of mobile search marketing especially it is still considered in its young stage.

Currently, the top search engines in mobile web today are Google XHMTL Mobile Search from Google Mobile, Yahoo! Mobile, MSN Mobile Search, AOL Mobile Search, Nokia Mobile Search, Technocrati Mobile, and 4INFO Mobile Search. These are the most important mobile websites that you should always keep in mind when conducting mobile search marketing. Basically you want your mobile website to attain a high search result ranking on these engines so that people can easily find your site and drive more traffic to it.

When implementing mobile search engine optimization as a part of your mobile search marketing strategy, one useful practice is using 100% valid XHTML 1.0 code. This will optimize your website for the future since the WML will be likely to be phased out soon. Also, using a valid code is important so that mobile search engines will not have any difficulty processing your site.

Another mobile SEO method that you can use when conducting mobile search marketing is making your mobile site accessible to any type of platforms. Remember that mobile web users are very diverse so make sure that your site has covered all the bases so that you won´t be alienating specific type of users on your site.

Of course, you still need to follow the traditional SEO practices even on mobile search marketing as it is already a tried and tested formula. When putting up a mobile website, make sure that it is keyword-rich and those keywords are in key places such as title tag, H1, body text, anchor text, and so on. Do not forget to submit site on major mobile search engines to ensure that they will truly index your site.

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