All In One Keylogger, Offer protection to Your Wife and children!

Modern interaction technologies, just like e-mail, Internet, instant messengers, unfortunately don't have any online community filters.

They create the feeling to be really «private» as well as secure; but, that’s simply the feeling, not backed up by anything real, and that feeling is dangerous.

Before everything else, it threatens all your family relations.

For example, your marriage partner looking for «interesting people» on dating websites or your children talking to «nice men» in a chat room, or… Dangers are everywhere!

So, you certainly need an excellent strategy to «control» your own home computer with regards to «what sites are going to be visited», «what subjects are being talked about», or «what movies are being watched» by your family members.

That exceptional solution’s name is All In One Keylogger.

Regardless of the name, this amazing software does not merely log keys being clicked.

It gives you you with numerous detailed records on website addresses which have been open in browser, images that appeared on-screen every so often or user’s actions (like clicks).

Even key logging here's made «smart»: in contrast to unclear fractions of words and incomplete phrases, you'll see reports like «switched to application A, typed blah-blah-blah…» And, finally, if your computer contains a microphone, you can also log all sounds inside the room and complete the picture of what’s encountering around your pc!

All gathered information can be printed in reports, deliver to a preferred e-mail account, an online FTP server or even to a local network folder.

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