What is a Mobile Filing System?

Mobile-filing system refers to a roller racking system where documents are filed and stored. Cabinets mounted on track ways also refers to mobile filing system. These mobile units eliminate the use of an aisle for every shelving unit and thus more storage space is available. The mobile filing system is for commercial and academic purposes, so they can store massive amounts of archive material.

Doctors who are just starting out usually have a traditional filing cabinet for their patients but as time goes by, and their practice gets bigger, they shift to mobile filing system. According to these doctors, the mobile shelving units provide more floor space and thus it accorded them a 50% to 100% increase in storage space. Usually only his administrator and head nurse are allowed access to patients’ files so there is no need to increase the aisle space.

While others have gone the path of electronic filing system, they are still the constant in mobile filing system. Their standard rebuttal is that they also need to store their hard copies. It is a requirement for every hospital, school, doctors’ offices to keep a hard copy they receive. Doctors can have those things transcribed and placed in a digital filing system but they still need to file the documents, test results, and x-rays they require from different patients.

Different types of mobile filing system are available. They all come with the racking feature, push back, drive in, cantilever, and conventional. They can be powered electronically, mechanically or manually.

Mobile-filing system is typically utilized for long-term storage of different kinds of documents from folders to x-rays. Storage places and warehouses now offer mobile filing systems. The mobile filing system is a favorite by hospital and law enforcement agencies because they can retrieve and access their files once the court asks them to present them during a hearing.

The mobile filing system is important because the digital backup cannot be rewritten, nor be used over and over again while this system stores the original and hard copy.

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