Using social marketing strategies for a health campaign

Since social marketing theory was formally introduced forty years ago by Kotler and Zaltzmann, numerous government agencies have created public campaigns using social marketing strategies. Moreover, NGOS and educational institutions have created their social marketing strategies that would primarily influence action to a targeted segment of the population. Presently, one of the most common practice by organizations and institutions is to launch a massive campaign for awareness of a certain health problem such as AIDS or breast cancer which has claimed millions of lives. AVON, the renowned cosmetics retailer, has tied up its promotions with breast cancer awareness. Likewise, we have witnessed numerous marathons launched to benefit patients of cancer or other terminal diseases.

Social marketing strategies are also close to marketing strategy. Certain concepts are derived from marketing theories and the four or five elements found in the marketing mix. The marketing mix elements often included in social marketing strategies are product, price, place and promotion. In one way or another, social marketing strategies puts in additional element that match a given campaign.

One of the most vital considerations made in creating social marketing strategies is establishing the objective. There must be a very precise goal that must be relayed to the public. For example, a campaign on breast cancer may utilize all of the marketing mix to create powerful social marketing strategies. The following discussion presents a good example of social marketing strategies that are often used for breast cancer campaigns.

Normally, the main goal in creating social marketing strategies is awareness and then prevention. In the case of breast cancer campaign, a usual approach would be convincing women of a certain age to undergo mammogram and perform monthly self breast exams. This is the real product behind social marketing strategies. As for the cost, the public is warned about expenses and inconvenience of having a breast cancer.

Promotions are done by launching community campaigns that gives free screening to a target audience so women would actually feel the importance of such. Additional elements in social marketing strategies for health campaign are partnerships with health institutions like clinics and hospitals. The P for public is the most essential element since they are the target audience. Briefly, social marketing strategies help promote awareness and prevention of certain diseases.

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