Paperless Filing System: The Green Filing System

The invention of the desktop computer is regarded as the point in history where the concept of paperless filing system. The advocates of the paperless filing system believed that the desktop computer would help the environment. The paperless filing system would promote waste-awareness and also would try to convert all paper documentation to digital form as much as possible.

Paperless filing system is a misconception because offices still use certain amounts of paper. The only thing noticeable is the sizeable decrease in its usage. A paperless filing system strives to use technology to lessen the necessity for paper. In fact, one can even find a computer application called “stickies,” a virtual version of the Post-it notes. Everything that’s in paper form can be scanned and be digitalized.

Computers and servers are employed for digitalization of files. Billing statements and other promotional offers from credit card companies can send it to their consumers through electronic mail. Retailers and other companies would send product information or electronic brochures and fliers via email.

In everyday transactions, a paperless filing system can still be initiated. Instead of asking for instructor manuals, it is better to download these on the company’s website. Instead of buying cookbooks or downloading recipes and placing them in a folder like a scrap book, just set up a special folder in the computer and you can catalog it under certain specifications like “beef,” “pork” and even “venison”. There’s no need to accumulate large volumes of documents. Documents can be transferred digitally and thus extending the warranty and life of the computer printer.

In conclusion, an efficient way of storing documents is paperless filing system. It eliminates the need to rent out more storage space, the office and company just need to iron out all the categories and folders, and make sure that this information is disseminated to everyone. To make sure that no file would be lost, back ups are required. One not only saves space, but also saves the environment

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