In This Article We Are Going To Be Taking A Look Of The Importance Of Search Engine Submission And Back Link Building

Search engine optimization has always been the key to attaining top search engine rankings for your internet site. The very first thing I ought to mention is that we’re speaking about doing both on and off page optimization for your internet site. Search engine submission as well as building a key word targeted web page used to be all you had to do to obtain top search engine rankings. After that Google began counting the back-links to your website in order to determine where they were going to rank your internet site inside their results. And now with the new Google updates folks are pondering if search engine submission and back link building are still necessary to get their web sites ranked.

In this paragraph we’re going to be looking at the importance of search engine submission to see if it is still needed. If you’ve been in Internet Marketing for any length of time you know that search engine submission used to be really important. Getting indexed in the various search engines is now extremely simple as all you really need are back-links that spiders can follow to find your website. So now that search engines like Google can find your website by themselves should you still submit to them? The answer is yes as it’s going to keep the search engines going back to your site. You need to recognize that when the various search engines go to your site they are going to be able to update content and make note of any changes, and the more you can get the major search engines to your website the better off you’ll be. At this stage you have to recognize that it is no longer a necessity to submit your website to these search engines, however it can still have benefits if you choose to do this every month.

While search engine submission is no longer a necessity you’re going to see that back link building is still really important. For a long time now Google has been working with back-links to determine the ranking of sites. And even with every one of their updates it seems that this has never changed, and is not likely to change in the future. This of course means that the building of back-links that point to your site is still as important as ever. So if you’d like to raise your search engine rankings the construction of back-links is just as important as ever, and more is definitely better. You need to also bear in mind that you will need to optimize your web page for the keywords that you’re targeting.

While nobody knows exactly how Google’s algorithms work for ranking sites, a few of these algorithms are known. The one thing you need to have learned in this article is you no longer actually have to submit your site to search engines but you certainly need to keep building back-links I also want to mention that while back link building is really important it is not the only thing that Google takes into account when ranking your internet site. And Google will actually count all of the different back-links you have, assign worth to each and every back link and combine it with additional factors to ascertain your overall ranking.