7 Key Questions to Ask When Expanding Globally

International SEO Expanding Globally

International SEO: Expanding Globally

As your US online business flourishes, it may become tempting to explore expanding into international markets. Doing so with the right approach and strategy is a fantastic opportunity; however, to do this successfully requires knowledge of international SEO as well as how best to implement it for maximum results. In this article, we cover 7 questions you should pose when crafting an international SEO plan.

Step one in developing an international SEO strategy is determining who and where your target markets are. Conduct research to better understand potential international markets and their demands while taking into account local competition, sociopolitical landscape, and other aspects that could hinder or impede your products in certain countries.

Once you've identified which countries will be on your target list, it's time to develop your translation and optimization plan. This step can be tricky since translating content that aligns with SEO best practices requires special expertise; translators that possess this skill set are key if you want to ensure your website will rank highly after it has been translated into multiple languages.

Remind yourself that the web experience for your new audience may differ significantly from that of your existing ones, so ensure they receive an experience tailored to their culture. Take the time to understand who this new target audience might be as well as their web usage habits - for example, make sure any contact forms on your site are compatible with any email clients they might use.

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