Basic Guidelines for Hotel Mobile Marketing

Hotel mobile marketing is one of the most useful applications of this new frontier of marketing. If you consider it, those people who usually go lodge on hotels are those that are always on the go and are most likely to have a mobile phone or other mobile devices. Hotel owners can make use of this reality and implement hotel mobile marketing strategies to bring them closer to their potential customers. Hotel mobile marketing is truly an innovative way to get in touch with people who are looking for a place to stay.

There are a couple of ways on how you can conduct hotel mobile marketing. One of the most basic is of course by creating a mobile website of your hotel. Even if your hotel already has an existing traditional www website, you still have to build a mobile-friendly website for the benefit of travelers who are using mobile devices to find the nearest hotel in an area. This way your website will load properly on mobile devices, ensuring that those people will get an information about your hotel.

Another method that you can utilize in hotel mobile marketing is implementing a mobile customer relationship management and mobile customer service. Mobile marketing can be used to engage with your customers and it provides a very personalized interaction channel for both parties. Some examples of the application of this method can be confirmation of reservation through SMS, pre-arrival SMS, post-stay SMS, and notifications about the area. With this, you do not only get to send out information but you can also receive them as well through guest satisfaction surveys that you can send.

You can also create mobile opt-in lists in hotel mobile marketing where in you can send SMS messages about promotions or event announcements about your hotel. This is somewhat challenging compared to an e-mail opt-in list because people are more wary in giving out their phone numbers compared to their email addresses. However, there are certain strategies that will allow you to solicit opt-ins in your text list. You can do guest check-in or check-out solicitations, website registrations, online contests, online quizzes and polls, and many more.

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