Lucrative List Building 101

Its easy to put together a mailing list but creating one that will earn money for you is another matter altogether. Anyone can crate a huge jumble of email addresses and start mailing them, but getting even a 1% positive response will be lucky. Lucrative list buildings means creating a list of email addresses where there is a business potential - this enables you to fine tune and focus your marketing towards people who are most likely to buy from you. Setting up a squeeze page with a tempting free offer - something that relates to your products so you know the people who accept your offer are those who are interested in what you are selling - is a great way to begin your lucrative list building exercise.

Make sure your squeeze page is clean - putting in a lot of links or ads will distract from the main purpose of the page which is to get people to register with their addresses. Keep the page short and to the point so the visitors can get directly to what is offered to them and react to that - too much material and too many words will distract them or cause them to lose patience in trying to find what's in it for them and leave without opting in.

The average first time visitor to a squeeze page sends less than 5 seconds in deciding whether on not to read further so the headline has to be something that grabs attention from the get go - remember you are trying to build a list of potential customers and the headline must be directed to only those who may buy from you. Keep the process of registering simple and do not ask for too much information other than the email address - make the process complicated and people will lose interest: ask too many questions and people may resent what they feel is your intrusiveness. Make sure that there is a clear statement that people who register can opt out whenever they want - knowing the option of dropping out is there makes the decision to register easier.

After people register they will expect fast results but while giving them the download link immediately is okay, a better option would be to email them the link as this will enable you to check if the email address is valid and keep your mailing list full of only working email addresses. Remember that lucrative list building means that a small list of people who are really interested in what you have to offer is better than a huge list of email addresses of people who will not respond to you.

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