HR Management Software

HR management software refers to the computer application that can store, manage, and process data that is obtained from the human resource management processes of a certain company. Since an organization’s internal structure can vary in so many ways from others, a company’s HR management software is usually developed internally based on the its needs and processes. An HR management software is extremely useful for large companies as the human resource management division often handles a large amount of information and the software makes processing and storing them way more easier. This way, the company can makes sense of these data in a more efficient manner.

One of the HR management software modules that are widely used by businesses is the payroll module. Obviously, most enterprises have their employees that are regularly given salaries. This module automates the payroll procedure by obtaining the data on the attendance of the employee, while taking into account the various deductions and taxes. The module will then generate the payslips that are eventually given to the employees while a copy is filed for future reference of the company. This module can also be used with managing the finances of the organization as it provides the overhead costs of running the company.

Another common HR management software module is the work time module. This module can keep track of the employees’ working hours which is then used for the payroll module. It can also keep track of other special circumstances in the working time such as overtime work, undertime work, absences and tardiness. Aside from storing the costs of employee labor, this module also can serve in calculating the efficiency rating of a particular employee.

The HR management module is also another primary HR management software module that is used by most companies. This module records a database of various employee data which includes demography, addresses, training and development, educational attainment, personnel records, behavioral offenses, and many more.

There are still a lot of HR management software modules that are used by companies like training system, benefits administration, performance record, and many more. The main point of this software is to efficiently manage the employees by processing a large amount of HR management data which in turn enables the people from that department to make sense anything out of them.

HR Payroll Software

Payroll is an important factor in a company’s financial statement since it’ s not just about employee’s salary or wages. Payroll also reflects on the financial statement the taxes paid by the company for its employees and involves compliance to federal or state regulations. In short, payroll affects a company’s profitability since it is considered as fixed costs. Balancing and monitoring the payroll is actually a challenging task since it involves checking the employees attendance as well as tardiness, absenteeism and overtime. On top of these, deductions for Medicare, Health Insurance, Loans must be considered making payroll process quite overwhelming especially when there are hundreds or thousands of employees involved. Appropriate deductions must also be made lest employees complain about their pay.

The complexities arising from payroll transactions is compounded by constant updates in government regulations on taxes. The HR department is always beset with complaints or demands from employees regarding their pay slip. There is now a solution that would eliminate most of the hassles involved in payroll preparation by using an HR Payroll Software.

HR payroll software is an application that can also serve as employee database. It keeps employee files intact, safe and avoids tons of documents that need to be stored. More than this, HR payroll software is a solution that effectively reduce man hours utilized in preparing timesheets by simply encoding data needed on the fields in the database.

Also, errors are reduced since the application automatically computes all the deductions and gives the right figures. Most HR payroll software can be downloaded for free online. There are many free HR payroll software available for download depending upon your business requirements. Some have integrated tax deductions and healthcare deductions too making life less complicated. Most free HR payroll systems are usually compatible to use with Windows OS and can be integrated into a company’s existing system. Small business owners can largely benefit from free HR payroll software since they have limited staff to devote time in payroll alone. For a copy of your free HR payroll , contact us now for more details.

HR Personnel Software: Helping Businesses Thrive

In order for a business to become successful, business owners should put some serious thought into getting a HR personnel software in order to keep track of their employees. Thanks to the technology of today, this kind of software makes things a lot easier than before. What makes it so great is that it is more than just a digital log sheet.

Aside from keeping tabs of the tardiness of employees, HR personnel software can also reflect their absenteeism rate and their corresponding leaves. Employees don’t have to wait in line in the HR department just so that they could ask about their emergency and sick leaves. This allows them to use their vacation leave, sick leave and other leaves wisely in such a way that it would benefit them and the company.

HR personnel software can also keep score of an employee’s pays and benefits. This feature is not just convenient for the employees, but for the HR department as well. It provides a detailed description of an employee’s paycheck and benefits so that they can always check it on their own, whenever they want.

Career progression is also taken care of. This is because HR personnel software allows employees to see new job openings within the company. It can also tell them if they are qualified for the position. There is even some HR personnel software that would automatically send invites to those employees who are perfect for the job. This could also work for those who are planning to resign or vacate their position. Potential successors will be selected for the position in order to make sure that everything is fair.

HR personnel software also takes care of appraisals. It gives employees a detailed description of their performance so that they would know the areas that they should improve on. It can also tell if they are being productive enough. This allows employees to access their records anytime so that they can do something to improve on their own. They don’t have to go to the HR office to have that “talk”. This boosts their confidence and lessens the burden of the HR department.

HR Policy Software

HR policies are indispensable in regulating employee behavior. Employees need clear guidelines that establish the expected behavior from them inside the workplace. Deviation from company policies is not acceptable behavior unless previous arrangements have been made. Most of the time HR managers formulate policies in consultation with upper management so that employees would be motivated and productive while with the company. Usually, HR policies are continuously revised to suit the work environment as well as changing employee expectations. Whatever the purpose maybe, HR policies as a standard define the appropriate and legitimate behavior inside an organization.

An HR policy software is an application that contains tools for effective planning, formulation, implementation of HR policies. Usually, this is a digital employee handbook that is modified according to a company’s needs. Such policy software were developed with valuable insights from HR consultants, lawyers and business owners who needed to come up with a software that can address their need for a digital policy manual.

This HR policy software contains essential templates for making memo that can be digitally distributed to employees making a paperless transaction. Even a sizable volume of sample employee policies and procedures are included in the application at the disposal of the HR manager. Such policies can be modified later to suit the administration’s in-house policies. On top of this, legal rulings for almost every state regarding employee termination, suspension or any sanction is included in this software as a valuable reference. This keeps employers safe from legal problems that incur a lot of expenses for the company to settle.

HR policy software contains forms that can be filled out by employees which make life a breeze for HR managers. There is even an add-on feature of project sharing that can be done online or through a network. No need to for elaborate preparations of forms or templates which can be devoted to more important tasks such as planning and policy formulation. In a complex work environment, tools such as HR policy software can simplify procedures and reduce clutter. The important thing is to establish rules and monitor if they are being complied with. As for the rest, leave it to this innovative HR policy software. Check out our range of software that fit your company’s work environment.

HR Recruitment Software

Choosing the right candidate for a company is a crucial decision that must be done by the HR. The worst scenario would be choosing the wrong candidate who does not fit the job requirements and eventually quit after training thereby wasting the company’s time and resources. Training is costly and a rise in turn-over indicates poorly chosen applicants. However, blame cannot be simply be transferred to the HR since recruitment is also a complex process that involves many stages beginning from posting job vacancies to the acceptance of applicants and transferring them to the respective department. Things can really be complicated especially when there are hundreds of vacant positions or job openings. The result: overwhelming screening process for the HR department.

The best solution for a company’s recruitment process is HR recruitment Software. This software is a tool that can greatly enhance the HR Recruitment process. Even from the start of recruitment, applicants that have potential can be tracked down until the final stages of employment.

Instead of a barrage of applicant’s email, the HR recruitment software can serve as database for all job applicants which eliminate double-entry of information. Mailing to notify the applicants whether for rejection or approval is an ease through the HR recruitment software since the application can merge mails which has templates for different kinds of letters. Some software are integrated with vacancy matching features that evaluates an applicant’s viability for a certain position which greatly aids in the decision-making process.

On top of this, the HR recruitment software can give an analysis of how much time and resources was spent on an applicant which is valued by the administration since it gives them an insight on how costly recruitment can be. Another good feature about this type of software is that they can be updated so that applicants who eventually became employees have already existing records on file. By procuring the HR recruitment software, the HR can devote more time on planning and other more important tasks instead of record keeping alone. Every company needs this software which can be sourced online or by contacting us now for your requirements.

HR Software Implementation Guidelines: Doing It Properly

Sometimes, proper HR software implementation guidelines are overlooked by companies. They think that they can just introduce the software and they are all set. What they seem to forget is that their employees might not be able to understand it and in some cases, even the HR department don’t know the things that they are supposed to know about this software. This is why proper HR software implementation is very adamant if business owners want to keep their business up and running for a very long time.

Before introducing the software to the employees, there should already be an HR software implementation plan. The plan should include the estimated weeks that the employees are going to be trained and the program that will help them understand the software better. In this planning stage, the company should consult with the makes of the software that they are planning to use. This way, they will be able to find out the best way that they can teach their employees about the new software.

The training should already include data protection. This way, every aspect of the HR software implementation is covered. The company is secured and the software that they are using stays intact.

The company and the HR department should always have a plan B. There are times where in if they were not able to track a whole day’s worth of performance, the company would immediately tilt towards a more unfavorable angle. This is why in HR software implementation; they should always have a disaster recovery plan to make sure that the business would still function properly even if there is something wrong with the whole software integration.

When teaching the employees about the software, they should always begin with the basics especially if the HR software that they are using is quite complicated. The company should have enough budgets for training and the HR department should have the manpower to train the employees for a couple of weeks. The company and the HR department should never expect their employees to learn everything overnight.

HR Software Packages

Fundamental to the success of any operations is a good HR system. Human resources has gained importance since the humanist approach in Management styles have been advocated. Employees nowadays are highly-valued by most organizations since they contribute in making a company attain its goals. Because of this, the HR team is constantly on its toes in seeking new ways to effectively manage its human resources by making sure that they are motivated by a good working environment and equipped with the right skills needed for their functions. In relation to this, HR management can be enhanced by HR software packages that would reduce the complexity of HR functions.

There are many HR software packages available for download online or off-the-shelf purchase which can greatly assist HR management. There are many types of HR software packages like HR training software, HR policy software, HR tracking software, HR payroll software or simply HR management software that encompass almost all aspects of HR functions. The first type of HR software manages payroll which often overwhelms HR since there are many considerations in computing for payroll such as taxes, insurance, health benefits etc. Through this software, employee’s details about their salary/wages and other deductions are automatically computed by the application that reduce HR man hours.

Another type of HR software that can be included in the package is the HR training software which records, updates and even recommends trainings sessions for employees by matching it with their job descriptions. The package even contains email-templates that can be modified by the admin for distribution to their employees. The HR tracking software is all about an employee’s progress or promotion within the company. Details even from the time they applied to the time they are transferred or promoted are included in this software.

HR software packages usually have HR have built-in employee policies that conforms to state rules which is helpful t o HR managers. This application can also be integrated to the company’s existing system so it is adjusted to the company’s environment. For a complete assessment of your HR needs contact us for a quote.

HR Training Software

One of the core responsibilities of Human Resource managers is to provide training to its employees so that they are constantly updated with information and knowledge in relation to their work. Once applicants become employees, they are scheduled for training sessions that would enhance their performance by increasing their productivity. Employees who have undergone training become more familiarized with their tasks and thereby yield better results in the performance of their duties. However, many companies employ hundreds if not thousands of employees that pose as a challenge in terms of monitoring their training needs.

Good thing is that there are available HR training software on the market today. The software is designed with HR needs in mind considering the voluminous amount of work that HR has to accomplish for all its employees. Certain HR training software have practical features such as scheduling training sessions, record-keeping, and correspondence that can be automatically set to inform employees of their training schedules. For a business which has a large manpower base, this software makes life easier for the
HR especially if there are many new employees that need training. Another added feature of such HR training software is its tracking capabilities that shows the present training status of any employee. As employees gradually complete the series of trainings, HR is updated with their accomplishments thus making it easier to enlist them for the next training session. Using the HR training software, it is a breeze to enroll the employees for a scheduled training sessions; moreover, the software itself can confirm the class size as well as course requirements that can assign employees on its own to training-based job requirements. Likewise, HR is updated with all the certifications earned by an employee.

On top of these innovative features, the HR training software can generate some 40 different types of training reports such as class administration reports, cost analysis report ( for the training), class administration reports even syllabus for training. A key feature of these reports is that they were made to comply with current government regulations. Indeed, availing of an HR training software from vendors like us greatly enhance the efficiency of HR .Contact us now and we’ll talk about your needs.

Small Business HR Software: The Benefits and Features

Even though there has been outstanding proof that HR software can improve the way a business operates, there are still some who doubt its capacity especially the small business HR software. This is why it is important for small business owners to realize what small business HR software can do for them. Aside from this, they will also be able to know the right things to look for when it comes to choosing the right software.

It should be able to take care of the basics, specifically the attendance, sick leaves, and other leaves as well as absenteeism. Even small businesses depend on statistics like this in order to find out if they are lacking some form of discipline on the attendance department.

The small business HR software can also take care of the salary history as well as the benefits of an employee. This allows employees to see the exact breakdown of their salary as well as the benefits that they can still use whenever they want to. They no longer have to go to the HR department just to ask if they still have health benefits that they can use.

Automated reminders should also be covered by the small business HR software. Since the business is relatively smaller, the software should not find any trouble notifying each and every employee about upcoming company events and anniversaries. Also, since the number of employees is not as big as the other companies, it should also be able to notify them about their probation or warning that they might have incurred.

Small business HR software can also take care of the performance reviews and the corresponding training that may be needed afterwards. Aside from keeping tabs of the latest performance reviews, it can also determine if an employee is subject for coaching or training. It should also be able to inform new employees of their training schedule so that nobody will get confused. Regular training for existing employees could also be managed by the small business HR software by notifying them of their schedule.

The Advantages of Using HR Tracking Software

Keeping track of all your employees is very important if you want to keep your business up and running for many years. Aside from making sure that the money that you’re paying them is worth it, it can also make sure that your business is running as productively as it can. Thanks to today’s technology, there is an easier way to achieve all of these by using an Hr tracking software.

Online business owners and HR personnel might find hr tracking software to be exceptionally useful. This is because it allows them to remotely keep track of their employees without having to rent an office. Because of this software, their business transactions are not the only things that they can do at the comforts of their own home.

Big and successful companies also use hr tracking software especially those who are into outsourcing. This allows them to have a lot of teams all over the world while still being able to track each and every one of their employees.

This is also a lot easier for the employees than the old ways of the tracking the time that each employee starts to go to work and the time that he or she goes home. The only thing that you have to pay for in this type of HR management is the training of your employees. Aside from that, all you have to do is keep score of the data that comes in.

Hr tracking software can also be used when it comes to handling massive numbers of applicants. An Hr applicant tracking software categorizes these applicants and keeps those who are perfect for the job that they are applying for. By doing so, the HR team would find it easier to contact those who are a sure fit for the job.

What business owners and HR personnel like you should remember though is that they should only use Hr tracking software that is well known for its security and efficacy. Not all hr tracking software are the same so they better make sure that the software that they have the right type of hr tracking software for the job.