Understanding What Is A Blog

The word blog is an abbreviation of the term "web Log" that that refers to a personal diary or memorandum that is recorded is cyber space and is open to all. A blog is really nothing more than a small website where the author's (or blogger's) thoughts and opinions are recorded and regularly updated by an activity that is called blogging. Those who do not actually author a blog but act to maintain a blog or respond to an article or opinion by submitting a comment are also blogging and all these people, the actual authors and the others, are all known as bloggers.

The format of the blog is often confusing to those new to blogging because there is no format – almost anything goes in blogging and besides adding video and audio the blogs, any kind of language and writing style is can be used. There is also no boundary as to what can be blogged about and on the internet you will find blogs about subjects that are making headlines today and well as those which no one knows about, blogs about things in the distant past or thing expected to happen in the future – anything can be written about. A blog is usually written in an open conversational style and is, with a few exceptions, meant to be a form of personal expression.

Depending on the views of the author a blog can be very conventional and sedate in the subject, and how the author's opinion are expressed and what type of comments and responses are accepted for posting on the blog are decided by him.

When it comes to the sensational and extremist blogs, while these views are often genuine, in many cases they are just an act by the blogger to get attention and draw people to his blog to see what all the fuss is about.

Blogging is the best way to present thought opinions, calls to action or whatever a person may want to say, to the world. Everyone who asks "what is a blog" also asks how much it will cost and the answer to that is that there is no cost – there are a large number of websites that will provide a place to post the blog and also help in the design and maintenance, all for no charge.

With the growing awareness of what is a blog and the ease with which blogging can be done, the number of people who are blogging is growing every day and today you will find blogs from people in every walk of life and from the ages of 9 to 90. If your blog becomes popular and attracts a large audience, you can earn money by allowing ads to be placed on your blog – many very popular bloggers earn large incomes this way.

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