How To Find News For Your News Blogs

Blogging has many forms and new applications are appearing every day, but one of the most popular are the news blogs which, if accurate news and valid opinions are carried, can develop a loyal readership of those who will look to the blog for news on areas of interest to them. News blogs that have achieved a good reputation and have a loyal and growing readership base that values the news the blog provides will be able to generate income by selling advertising space or carrying PPC links on the blog. While you may be able to make a living from a news blog, a lot will depend on how you go about collecting the news your readers expect from you – formatting the material into a blogable format and uploading it is easy and can be done is just a few minute while sitting at your computer.

One of the first places to look is traditional news sources – newspapers and TV which will keep you abreast of the general news and in which you may find issues that concern your news blog's area of interest and which you can investigate further from other sources. For more focused news that is more directly relevant to you, visit other news blogs that cover the same niche news segment that you do – this will give you more detailed material which, if you are able to relate it to matter obtained from the newspapers and TV, will give you new angles from which to cover the story. Gossip always has some element of truth in it so visiting social networking sites will not only enable you to see what people are talking about and what issues are in the public mind, but also to find the occasional piece of hard news. Use search engines like Google and features like Google Alerts to give you a regular supply of inputs on what is new on the internet.

Online newspapers, magazines and academic journals and trade reports (relating to your news blog's area of interest) are very useful sources of information that may not be generally available. Press releases are both useful and easy to obtain since most of them can be obtained through RSS feeds so you don't have to waste time tracking them down. An often overlooked news source is reader inputs – your readers all have the same interests and something that one reader sends you will most likely interest your other news blog readers.

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