Good Affiliate Programs -Affiliate Lounge manages the referral/affiliate marketing of three incredibly successful gaming sites

Why join Affiliate Lounge ?

Trusted brands
Affiliate Lounge manages the referral/affiliate marketing of three incredibly successful gaming sites. You as a partner will benefit from Affiliate Lounge strong brands, high player value and great conversion rates.

More games to advertise
Affiliate Lounge partner brands provide a wide variety of games - Casino, Poker, Sports betting, Sports exchange, Bingo, Financial betting and much more. Also Scratch Tickets.

High commission rates
With up to 50% in commission, Affiliate Lounge offers among the highest rates around.

Lifetime revenue - it does not get better then that

Affiliate Lounge offer our affilite partners a lifetime revenue share on all players.

All brands are on the very small list of honest companies of Gert Gambell - read his invaluabale tips at

No Negative carry-over
No negative balance carried over from month to month. All brands are treated separately so one result will not impact the other. What can happens is that a player will millions and start spending them because that is what he likes best in the world. Maybe over years to come.

Great marketing tools
With real time tracking tools and a huge variety of free content and advertising tools, you can easily optimize your campaigns for maximized revenue.

19 different languages
Affiliate Lounge partner sites and marketing tools are available in 19 different languages so the players feel at home right away. This makes it easy for Affiliate Lounge affiliates to target different markets and increase conversions.
What we stand for

RELIABILITY - Always rely on getting personal service. Full access to your own Affiliate manager who will help you maximize your profits. As Affiliate Lounge are a part of a Swedish public listed holding company, the demand for transparency guarantees you that your commission is always fair and 100% correct.

VALUE - You get supreme value. You’ll get one of the highest commission rates in the industry with lifetime revenue share on the players and no negative carry-over. The strength of Affiliate Lounge brands will of course help you make money even easier.

CLASS - Affiliate Lounge is exclusive to affiliate members, no matter how big or small, at affiliate lounge they guarantee the exclusiveness and VIP treatment you require. Affiliate Lounge offer you personal service, real time tracking tools, free content, advertising, detailed reporting tools and much more. We know from experience that Affiliate Lounge are one of  the best in the business and want you to think that too.



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