Dating on a Social Network can be difficult

Dedicated online dating sites have long been the savior of those who were unwilling or unable to meet potential dates in any other way - whatever be the reason. These sites do a good job and have brought together millions of people who would otherwise have been alone. But the advent and rapid growth of social networking sites has posed a challenge to the traditional online dating ones. Sites like Facebook, MySpace and the others have millions of members all looking to expand their social networks and establish links to like minded people who share the same interests and opinions.

The fact that these social networking sites have such huge memberships often leads people into thinking that dating on a social network site gives one the best chances of finding a date. Unfortunately, it is the very size and diversity of the sites that that creates problems for those whose main goal is to find a date.

People join these sites for all kinds of reasons and the most common is to either make new friends or find lost ones. Even if members say they are interested in dating, it may not be their priority and it could be just a way to expand their profiles. As a matter of fact, even those who join with dating as their main aim often find that they are able to establish other levels and types of relationships and dating often becomes a low priority, despite what their profiles may say.

That is why a person joining a social networking site with the sole object of dating comes across some serious problems. With the huge membership base of all types of people, even with the best search tools, finding the right kind of people is often difficult. And when contact is established, it may often be that the other person is looking for just friendship and nothing more.

Dedicated online dating sites have members who are there for only one reason - to find a date and nothing else. That does not mean that everyone on a dating site will find a date - besides the question of personal chemistry there is also the need to stay clear of doubtful profiles and those who may be predators - but at least the people on the site will all have the same aim. That is why the dating sites still scores over dating on a social network.

Many dating sites offer the best of both worlds by allowing links to social networks so that people are able to find out more about potential dates.

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