Social Bookmarking Guide: Social Bookmarking 101

A social bookmarking guide is important for anyone running a business. If you use social bookmarking in the right manner you can drive more traffic to your site and increase your sales. The point of social bookmarking is to bookmark links you want to save and also which you want other people to check out. The bookmarks are not saved on your computer as they usually would be and so you can access them no matter what computer you happen to be using.

This allows you to access them no matter what computer you may be on and show them to friends and family. To get started with social bookmarking sites you first need to decide which you want to get signed up with. To get started in social bookmarking, it is always best to take things slow. There may be millions of different social bookmarking sites you could get signed up with and while more is better, for the beginning you should just stick to two or three.

Until you get the hang of it this is going to keep you from getting overwhelmed and give you some time to learn how to properly and effectively use these sites. Digg and Reddit are two of the most popular social bookmarking sites and would be a good choice to get started with. Take a look at any social bookmarking site before getting signed up with it, to make sure you like what it has to offer. You also want to be aware of the rules so you can follow them and not get booted off.

To set up an account with a social bookmarking site you will need to offer some basic personal information including your name, email address and you need to come up with a password. Remember, the point of using social bookmarking sites is to build a positive and reputable name for your business. It is simple to get singed up with one of these sites. Usually only a bit of personal information is required to set up an account and as soon as you have you can begin our bookmarking.

Most people on social bookmarking sites like to set goals for themselves. Determine a certain number of links you want to post per week and this is not only going to keep things more organized for you but will also keep you from accidentally spamming these sites. Linking activities should be expanded above social bookmarking if you want to best promote your business, but this should certainly play a major role in it. It is amazing just how powerful social bookmarking can be and how profitable it can help your business become.

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