Important Facts About Automatic Social Bookmarking

Before venturing into automatic social bookmarking, it is important to understand what it is, to understand the differences between manual and automatic social bookmarking, to understand how and why it is done, and to understand the common mistakes people make and how they can be remedied.

This is important in search engine optimization and it helps those in affiliate marketing, programs such as Google AdSense, and online advertising. Search engine optimization, or SEO, means the website will appear in the first page of the results list. This is important because many web surfers only consider the results in the first page of the search engine results list. The two options are manual social bookmarking and automatic social bookmarking - each option has pros and cons that you should weigh against each other.

You should go for automated social bookmarking because manual social bookmarking takes a long time since you have to log into many social bookmark sites to enter your details, otherwise known as creating a persona, and this takes at least a minute depending on your internet connection. Note that there is a risk of being blocked from spamming because manual submission involves entering details such as description and URL and social media websites usually notice when you enter the same details.

They notice because they have come up with new methods of ranking sites such as TrustRank, meaning the traditional methods of SEO will not work. This then necessitates the need to change details, which could take a long time. However, automation takes care of this problem because the details are changed from one site to the other. Automatic social bookmarking has other advantages over manual social bookmarking such as low costs since there is no need for as many employees and it is convenient and easy to use.
For automation, use social bookmarking software. You can choose between different software available in the market and they make the process seem very natural. If this is not possible, go through product reviews, ask for a free trial period and always check customer testimonials before purchase. The software continuously creates different profiles and posts pages to the sites.

Avoid the common mistake of bookmarking the URL of the site only - creating links to the pages will give better results. The most common mistakes are spamming, which can lead to the deletion of your account, and bookmarking only the website's URL instead of all the pages. You should use the tool in moderation because you will be abusing the ISP when you run it continuously and it is easy to be caught and because the social bookmarking site will see through what you are doing and block you if you overdo it.

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