SEO For Financial Advisors: Niche Targeting

SEO for Financial Advisors Niche Targeting

Financial advisors recognize the significance of lead generation for their practice, but often lack clarity as to how to effectively do this. A strong web presence is vitally important; however, when competing against larger investment firms or robo-advisors it can be challenging for an advisor to stand out among all of the countless websites online.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a digital marketing technique designed to increase an advisor's website's rankings in search engines' results pages. This can be accomplished by including relevant keywords into content that appear on an advisor's site and optimizing headers, meta tags and descriptions accordingly. While how search engines determine rankings is strictly confidential, reverse engineering what we know allows for repeatable best practices which can be applied across an advisor website.

Financial advisors looking to enhance their search ranking must first identify their niche market, which can be done through communications with current clients, intake forms or any other data which reveals who appreciates and benefits from their services. They should also examine their direct competitors in the local market to see who their competitors are and how they're marketing themselves online.

Next, an advisor should optimize their Google Maps listing so it appears in searches for "financial advisor near me". While this should be straightforward for most advisory firms, it's crucial that their listing accurately depicts each office and services area. Finally, an advisor can participate in local community events and organizations in order to generate word-of-mouth recommendations from existing clients.

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