Understanding The Significance of Mobile Marketing Vehicles

While mobile marketing is usually referred to as the commercial process that is done on various mobile devices, it can also literally mean a marketing procedure that is done in a moving manner through mobile marketing vehicles. While the latter is still considered a traditional form of marketing compared to the former, it is nevertheless an innovative way to promote and sell products. Mobile marketing vehicles are often used on marketing events or as a moving billboard, thus providing a unique way for businesses to reach out to their markets.

There are a couple of ways on how to make mobile marketing vehicles. The most common is by using vehicle wraps. A vehicle wrap is a method of putting graphics in a car with a self-adhesive vinyl, so that it appears as if it was just painted on the body of the vehicle. A full vehicle wrap can cost about $3,000 and the most popular companies that offer such service are Avery Dennison, 3M, and Arlon. The function of these kind of mobile marketing vehicles is just to familiarize people with a specific product.

Another type of mobile marketing vehicles are those that custom-built promotional trailers. The purpose of these vehicles are not only to advertise a specific product, but also to bring a service that a company provides to a particular events or functions. Some examples of these kind of mobile marketing vehicles are exhibit trailers, hospitality trailers, kitchen trailers, and gooseneck trailers. Through these mobile marketing vehicles, one can showcase hotel room service, restaurants, exhibits and many more in unexpected places.

The main key to the effectiveness of mobile marketing vehicles is through experiential marketing strategy. Sure, a moving mobile marketing vehicle can be just considered as a billboard on wheels that is just as mundane as other traditional marketing strategies but some studies have found out that these mobile marketing vehicles have a whopping 87% recall rate.

However, that is not the main purpose of a mobile marketing vehicle and it just serves as an additional benefit. Mobile marketing vehicles, particularly the custom-built promotional trailers, allows potential customers to actually experience a product or a service. This is quite different from advertising where in you are just telling people how good your product is. With mobile marketing vehicles, you can actually demonstrate and prove to them how good your product is.

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