Logo Design Copyright: Protecting Your Company´s Trademark

One way to make sure that you get to keep your company´s identity is by being aware of the different ways that you can protect its logo design copyright. By doing so, you´re not only making your company stand out, you also get to exercise your company´s God given right to have something that is completely exclusive.

There is definitely something more to protecting your company´s logo design copyright than just keeping an open eye for businesses that might be leeching off of your logo. One other option that you have is making sure that your logo is properly branded as your own. One way to do this is by securing all of the necessary legal documents that should be filed in the US patent office and in the other legal offices. It is not enough that you have a logo; you have to do something to secure it as well.

You must also have sufficient evidence that can prove that your company made the logo or that you hired someone else to take care of the task. These documents should indicate the name of the person that you hired to do the logo as well as the extensiveness that the logo was made.

Having a business partner can make things complicated if he or she decides to part ways with the company which is why you should start sorting the legal papers out once the business logo has been made. There should be an agreement that the logo belongs to the business. It has to be formal, it has to be written down and both parties involved should consent to it.

One great way to make sure that you don´t repeat the mistakes of others is by knowing what these mistakes exactly are. One thing that you have to remember that common signs, like the Latin cross cannot be copyrighted. They can be used by anybody in any way that they please. Also, lines such as tag lines and catch phrases are not covered if the plagiarized lines only show a change in the font style or size.

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