The 12 Second Commute May Be A Good Addition To Your Internet Advertising Arsenal

In order to run a successful online business there are certain tools that you have to have to have. Many people already know that the need an e-mail list, nevertheless they do not know all the different things they need to be able to build this list such as an auto-responder, a landing page as well as marketing and advertising. I am sure you’re already aware that there are many different places where you can get the tools you have to build a list but one thing you ought to recognize is that 12 Second Commute can provide all of them to you in one place.

To start with you’ll get an auto-responder and list manager to construct your list legally and responsibly, which you need to manage your business. Another thing that they actually offer to their upgraded members is an advertising and marketing program to help generate traffic on auto-pilot. In order to get this free marketing it is only going to take you about a minute in order to set up the program to start driving traffic to your sites. You will be able to discover which ads work by utilizing the Ad Tracker and Link Cloaker, which will also protect your links. By using the add tracker you are going to understand very easily which ads are pulling in and which ones are not. You can develop web pages for different products with the Capture Page Creator, supplying you with a larger presence online.

It’s not only simple to use, but your capture pages can all be hosted free of charge. Yet another thing that is great is that they also have a URL rotator, that you could use for helping your down-line build their own down-line if you wanted to. Establishing the rotator is not hard and you get full control over what links you use. A conference center exists that will help you succeed in your business and there are plenty of interactive training conferences to give support and help you learn. Another thing you ought to realize relating to this program is that they have their very own community forum where all of the members of this program can get together and discuss different marketing methods as well as help each other with any questions they may have.

To get your sites ranked higher in the search engines, you’re able to use SEO Tools that are the same tools used by experts and you are able to use for free what others would charge you hundreds of dollars for. Although the program is easy enough to use you will discover that they also include training videos to help you along the way, and these videos also cover other elements of advertising and marketing. You’re going to discover that there’s actually no competition for a program for example this, simply because Aweber or other auto-responders don’t offer you everything else that this program will provide you with.

For anybody just starting out, this is a great program, mainly because everything is in one place. Yet another thing I want to point out concerning this program is that you can in fact get a free 30 day trial if you’d like to give it a shot. And the price does not jump each and every time you reach a specific level on your lists.

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