Search Engine Optimization Isn’t The One And Only Thing To Give Some Thought To In Relation To Search Engine Ranking

Google has a tendency of mixing things up with regards to how they rank people’s websites within their results. This is generally done a couple of times a year and typically winds up affecting many people’s rankings. One of the newest things that Google is now using to determine search engine rankings is how much time men and women end up staying on your site. In this article we are going to give you a few tips that will help keep people on your site longer, which will in turn help your search engine rankings.

Ensuring that the links on your internet site open in a new window is one of the best ways to keep individuals on your website longer. This way when men and women are going to a new site from your internet site, your internet site will still be open in the browser below the new site. Although the folks aren’t still looking at your website it’s still open in their browser and Google will see this. In most cases when a new window opens the user is not going to go and try and locate the other window to close it before they read that site. So if they are on that other site for 10 minutes, your site will also be open for at least 10 minutes, as long as the user does not close that window.

Another thing you can do to get individuals to interact with your website and get them to remain on your internet site longer is to offer them a free download. The best choice is to have a pop-up on your internet site that appears as soon as some one comes to your internet site. You don’t have to make an effort to get the visitors e-mail address in this box, you simply want to provide them with a link that they are able to click to get a free download. At this time you want the link that they clicked on to bring them to another page on your website. The benefit of using this strategy is to keep people on your internet site longer and also to get them to interact with your website. Another advantage of this is to try and capture your visitors e-mail address on the next page so you can start developing your own list. This means that this one pop-up is going to have multiple benefits for both you and your search engine ranking.

Even with Google’s update the basic principles of Seo will stay the same. You’ll still need to make certain that your internet site is properly optimized for the various search engines. Back-link developing is still going to be a significant part of your search engine placement so you’ll want to keep building links. Most individuals are aware of the significance of back-links but if you are not, you should understand that this will greatly effect your rankings. So if you truly want to boost your rankings you should begin to use these simple techniques once you can. There are needless to say other ways to keep folks on your website but the suggestions should get you started.

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