The Do's And Don'ts of Direct Email Marketing

So you've got a great product that's finally ready for the market. You've spent many years - and no doubt thousands of dollars - perfecting it and preparing to put this product out on the market. There are probably ten or twenty more people with a similar product looking for an in. For every product already being sold there are hundreds more waiting for their shot.

Direct to email marketing is just what it sounds like - marketing to consumers through email. However, not many realize that this practice is actually illegal. An email like that is considered a “spam” email, or unwanted, unsolicited mail similar to junk mail. However, these emails are considered spam - unwanted, unsolicited emails that are actually illegal in some states - in fact, it's even possible for people to file a lawsuit in small claims court and sue for damages because of those emails.

And recipients have more options than just small claims court in a few states. Often, they will complain to their Internet Service Provider, which will usually do an investigation. It's easier for them to shut down the site than it is to deal with customers who are complaining about receiving unsolicited mail. Then, they can even choose to charge you a fine that ranges anywhere from only $20 to as much as $20,000 depending on the case, which is far more than one could realistically even hope to obtain from direct email marketing, because spam emails violate their Terms of Service.

It is possible to use direct email marketing without resorting to spam, however. Many times, companies both big and small will obtain email addresses from customers who have used their services or purchased their products and email them special offers or advertisements about new products they might like. The company will then send those special offers or information about new products through their email address. This is actually a very successful business practice that often results in increased sales for the company.

Before you decide to start using direct email marketing, consider all the facts. You have to consider if it's worth possibly having your product website shut down. Is it worth the huge fine? And above all, be respectful in all of your business practices so you can avoid situations like this.

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