Ways to Capitalize on Free Article Marketing

Marketing your article to millions of internet users is easier than you might think. Not to mention, you will not have to spend a fortune if you invest your time in free article marketing strategies that have been proven to work. There are some proven ways to promote your articles - that cost absolutely nothing. Beginning to grow your fan base is as easy as reaching out to your friends and family.

Logging into sites like Twitter, Myspace or Facebook opens up the ability to market yourself to every user that has an account or is on your friends list, which you can than enlist the help of your friends to further your promotion efforts! Those millions of people that log on to Facebook, Twitter or even MySpace have no idea that you have a blog or that you just posted the best article, so far, in your career. One really great way to utilize social networking is to create a Facebook Fan Page, post a link to your blog and promote it to all your friends and watch your fan base grow. Millions of people are logging into Facebook and becoming fans of everything: its time for you to create a fan page of your own and do a little bit of ego tipping for yourself, for free!

Article submission sites allow you to put your written content right before the readers eyes with no more effort than signing up for an account and submitting your articles: it really is that easy. StumbleUpon has over nine million faithful readers, which means by clicking a keyword they can be reading your articles. Spending a little time researching free article marketing can give you some ideas that you might not have thought about on your own, like having guests posts- this increases your fan base almost instantly, because your guest will also be promoting their content and at the same time, this promotes you and your articles.

Keywords are the most proven method of free article marketing that is available on the internet today, because literally each keyword that is tagged to that article can be its own little advertisement. Monitoring where you are appearing in search engines based on keywords allows you to see which ones actually have the potential to entice readers to your articles. Regardless of which free methods you decide to try to market your articles, do not underestimate the power of linking! You can post links to other blogs and articles in return for your link on their site or blog! Free article marketing is not as difficult as you may think: you just have to become a little creative.

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