The ABC of Automatic Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is a strategy used by search engine optimization pros and webmaster to generate traffic and to get premium backlinks from good sites. This is important in search engine optimization and it helps those in affiliate marketing, programs such as Google AdSense, and online advertising. Search engine optimization is important because an optimized website means the website will be rank high in the search engine results list. This is important because most surfers only click on what is on the first page of the results list and the increased visibility increases hits and consequently, the profits. Most surfers think that the results in the first page of the results list are better than those in other pages, although this is not true.

The need for automation in social bookmarking is because you will need to log into different social bookmark websites to enter details such as description, keywords, and URL, which will take at least a minute, and since you will have many websites, the whole process may take a while. There is a risk of the account being banned for spamming different social media sites with the same details.

Manual social bookmarking is also disadvantageous in that since you will be entering the same URLs, descriptions, keywords, and other details, the social media sites will discover what you are doing sooner rather than later and they will ban your account. This then necessitates the need to change details, which could take a long time. Major search engines such as Google and Yahoo! are coming up with new methods of ranking sites and pages and automated social bookmarking is one of the few available options to beat the system. Other advantages of automation are lower overhead costs since you do not need as much staff and convenience since you do not need to do anything manually.

Automatic social bookmarking revolves around software. There are many companies selling such software and you should get recommendations from people who have been successful with the software. You should go for software that has been tried and tested by those recommending it to you and one that is guaranteed to protect your site from being blacklisted.

Compare different software by doing research online, get trial versions of the software if possible, go through product reviews, or read customer testimonials, but the best way to get automatic social bookmarking software is to get recommendations from people who have been successful with the software. Avoid the common mistake of bookmarking the URL of the site only - creating links to the pages will give better results. Avoid the common mistake of over-using the software - this is a sure way of attracting attention from the ISP and the bookmarking sites. You should use the tool in moderation because you will be abusing the ISP when you run it continuously and it is easy to be caught and because the social bookmarking site will see through what you are doing and block you if you overdo it.