How To Make A One Page Sales Letter Long Enough To Get Your Point Across

Writing a sales letter can be a real challenge to write. You are basically trying to promote yourself and your business with your sales letter and one of the most common questions people ask is whether one page is long enough for an effective sales letter. A sales letter is used to reach out to potential customers and make them interested in what you have to offer. Is there an appropriate length it should be, is a one page sales letter enough?

The length of a sales letter will vary from one situation to the next but you can make one page enough if you write it well. There is the question then of whether a one page sales letter is long enough. One page can be long enough to produce an effective sales letter but all bases must still be covered. As long as it is written properly, a one page sales letter can be more than enough.

If you aren't even interested by your headline then you can bet your readers are not going to be. You need to start off by figuring out a good headline for the letter. When there is an effective title used, a one page letter can sometimes even be a better idea than a longer sales letter. This should lead the letter into the body where you need to use your sales pitch.

Use this time to show readers why they are reading the letter and what you have to offer them. People need a clear, concise vision of what you are offering and why they should pay attention to your business when there are a million more like it out there. The body of a sales letter is where you should be giving your sales pitch and of course with only one page you do not have much space to get this done. One of the hardest parts of writing a one page sales letter is that it can so hard to bring it to a close.

You usually need at least a paragraph or two to tie everything up so there are no loose ends and readers are not left confused and unsure what to do. There should be no loose ends, no readers wondering just what the point of the letter was and what they are supposed to do now. This way you have a sales letter that is pretty much completely written for you and all you have to worry about is filling in the blanks. Write it to the best of your ability and your profit will improve tenfold.