Do You Know What Is A Blog?

Web logs came into being in the late 1990s as an online form of diary or journal that the author wanted to give exposure to and this term was shortened to blog. A blog is really nothing more than a small website where the author's (or blogger's) thoughts and opinions are recorded and regularly updated by an activity that is called blogging. Part of understanding what is a blog is knowing that bloggers are not only the authors of the blogs and even those who maintain the blogs or respond to the posts in them are also known by this term.

When trying to understand what is a blog it is important to know that there is no set format for a blog and it may be present in any manner and contain text, graphics and pictures, audio and video links and also links to other blogs and websites. A part of the "what is a blog" question is what are blogs about and the answer is they are about anything and everything, from the latest headlines to issues no one has ever heard of, and from the most technical to the most simple – if you can write it, you can blog it. While there is no fixed blogging style, most blogs are written in an informal and relaxed manner and try not be formal in their nature.

The views of the author will reflect whether the blog is conventional and sedate in nature or if the blog is sensational and attention grabbing in a more obvious way with controversial issues and comments being posted.

In fact many blogs are deliberately made to be extremely controversial so that they generate publicity which will draw people to them – sometimes the views expressed are genuine but often they are just to grab eyeballs.

Blogging is the best way to present thought opinions, calls to action or whatever a person may want to say, to the world. Blogging does not involve any expense and there are numerous websites that will help a newbie to not only have a place to post his thoughts but also help him to design the blog and provide help in various forms. The question that usually comes after "what is a blog" is "who blogs?" and the answer to that is everyone blogs and you will find people from all walks of life, from every part of the world, with every shade of opinion and from the ages of 7 to 99 blogging. Popular bogs, which have regular readers are great advertising sites and well known bloggers are able to earn substantial amounts by selling advertising space on their blogs.