A Personal Blog Is What You Make it To Be

No one knows how many blogs there are on the internet and what subjects are covered – new blogs keep appearing every moment and there is no subject that is not being blogged about by someone somewhere. The internet has been in existence for 40 years and although it seems much longer, blogging has been around for a little over 10 – something people find hard to believe when the see how widespread its popularity is.

The word blog is an abbreviation of the phrase "web log" ( the log being a kind of diary or personal record) and they first appeared in the late 1990s. In other words, the first blogs were personal blogs and the majority today is still the same.

A major hurdle for many new bloggers is that they do not know what subject to choose for their blogs because the do not know what subjects are already over exposed and what new subjects people will want to read about. This is not a cause for concern for the aspiring blogger because his personal blog can be about any subject at all, deal with it in any way and be written in any kind of style because the cyber world is filled with all kinds of people and there is nothing that can be blogged about that will not find an audience of some kind.A personal blog is often used as a vehicle for spreading awareness about little known issues the blogger is concerned about.

But even well known issues are subjects for person blogs when the blogger feels that they are not being seen in the proper light or that people do not appreciate their importance. A personal blog can also be used by the author to expose conspiracies and lies to the light of day by evoking the public interest on aspects of important issues that he thinks are either being ignored or are being deliberately covered up to keep the public in ignorance.

It is possible to make a living by being a blogger and a successful personal blog that because of the subject it covers or the style of the author, the type of discussion it generates, the people who respond to it or for any other reason has a large readership can sell advertising space and make money for the author. Personal blogs have a larger social service to perform as may be seen in the cases of countries where press freedom is curtailed and the only way the people in the rest of the world get to know what is really happening is by reading the personal blogs that emerge from these places. Money making and social responsibility are secondary aspects – the main function of a personal blog is to allow the blogger to have his say.