How the Article Marketing Experts Claimed Their Crown

While researching experts in the field of article marketing, a common statement made by most is the skill is most definitely in the marketing not the mastery of what is written. If all article marketing experts agree - the likelihood of them all being wrong is highly UN likely. Each expert in the field of article marketing has their own claim to fame, however it all boils down to one thing: teaching you how to work smarter, not harder. Just because you are writing faster does not mean you are sacrificing quality over quantity.

While each of the experts researched did not start out writing articles, they each realized the same key element-the speed in which you can gain readers by simply writing articles is undeniable and the readers are the ones that deem you the expert in your chosen field of writing. The article writing was something that they stumbled upon while developing ways to gain exposure for themselves so at long last they could build their business of choice on the web. It was during this process that they realized the golden egg of information that others could benefit from as well.

The information is so simple, that once you read the methods of the top article marketing experts, you will be able to apply it immediately, giving you the opportunity to accept more writing assignments and possibly make hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. Starting with keywords, adding in personality in a conversational like form of writing, you are inviting and engaging the reader to sit down and listen to an expert explain their topic of choice. In a time when it always seems like there are never enough hours in the day- their methods are almost like adding another seven and half hours to your writing day! More articles translate into more money!

Each article marketing expert has a different little twist to their method, but in general, they are all the same. They will take you from title to completion in about thirty minutes and the result will be a keyword rich article that flows like a conversation and engages the reader: while informing them on a specific topic. Your articles should be written in a conversational tone revealing your personality and engaging the reader by selling your self and giving them the facts for free without the reader even realizing it. If you think their methods do not work, this article was written in thirty five minutes using their methods and specific keywords: ending with a word count of four hundred ninety-seven words -SOLD.