Creating An Article Marketing Campaign

Creating an article marketing campaign is not hard, if you go about it in a systematic way. A lot of people think that just churning out articles about your product is enough to get you the attention your business needs, but this will not produce the kind of results you want. But if you plan your article marketing campaign properly, you will have a very powerful marketing tool at your disposal. What kind of writer are you - will you be able to write in way that interests people and ensure the article offers them some value? If you have doubts about your writing skills its better to pay a professional to do your writing for you - the article quality will be taken as an indicator of product quality and a badly written one will drive away potential customers.

The next stage in your article marketing campaign is to have a bank of articles ready in advance - writing them only when you need to post them usually means working in a rush and the quality of what you, or the writer you hire, produce will suffer. Decide on what aspect of your product you want to highlight in your campaign -sending out 10 different articles on 10 different aspects of your product in 10 days will never get you the attention you need.

Spend time getting an understanding of how the market perceives the aspect of our product that you will be writing about so that you can modify your focus to enhance the positive impressions and counter the negative ones. Because you are focusing your article marketing campaign on one aspect of your product at a time, you need to ensure that your articles follow a logical sequence so that the overall impression created is one where the reader feels he has gained something by reading them.

You can do this by looking for FAQs about one aspect of the product and supplying answers - having questions answered always gives the reader a feeling of getting value. Remember that article marketing is not selling - you are not going to succeed is you try and directly sell your products in your articles. What you are doing is marketing - creating an interest and desire for the product in the mind of the reader: selling it to him is the next stage. But you are not writing articles for charity, so you can simply mention that you are selling the product or if the format permits, put in a line or two about yourself as the writer, inviting people who want to know more to contact you.

Don't expect miracle results but after a few weeks if your website does not register a significant increase in the number of hits it receives, you should think of changing the focus of your article marketing campaign.